Thursday, January 19, 2006


It has been a busy morning. I have been out with the flu for a few days BAD, (my own fault for not getting a flu shot this year, a must when you are as sickly as I am ). Today I feel I got some energy back.

This morning it was really cold, and when S woke up her diaper was so wet her PJs was wet too. I changed her and then we both jumped into my bed to warm up a bit. Stan the dog was there too, and we had a lazy half hour just cuddling. After breakfast I took S to her school, where she goes every Tuesday and Thursday. I have since then been working, sending out invoices and other things.

We are having a birthday lunch for K, since he turns 40 on Tuesday. I made arrangements for us at 1 PM at the Beach House, a really nice place on Anna Maria Island, with an amazing view of the Gulf of Mexico. I also ordered an ice cream cake, which K doesn't know about. I will pick it up tomorrow and drop it off at the restaurant, so it will be a surprise for him. We should be about 9 adults and 3 kids. Should be fun!

I have a hair appointment right before the party, and I can't decide if I should get bangs or not... I am just a bit tired of the same old hair... We will see!

I better get online to book a hotel, we are going to K's grampa's birthday party next weekend, in West Palm Beach. He turns 97! It is just such a long drive, almost 4 hours one way, so I thought it would be better if we arrived the day before and stayed the night.

See ya!

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