Friday, July 31, 2009

GREAT (not)

Nice little gift Sarah brought home from the Y today, huh? At least there is no hysteria, camp as usual (but with a lot of cleaning going on I noticed at pickup).

Kind of late to notify the Y when they know since Monday that their child was sick with the flu? I bet the Y is not too happy about that!

With a crappy immune system like mine, I am just a tad bit nervous about this entire flu ordeal...

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I don't accept work from private individuals who do not give me their contact information up front - I have been burned too many times over the years. So as a standard I just say I am on vacation and that I am not accepting any new projects, plus send a link to a search service for translators, so they can find someone else. It is just not worth the risk working for these types of people.

If a private individual does seem serious about hiring me I always ask for payment upfront - if they can't agree on that they have no business ordering translation services in the first place... After all, the vast majority of my clients are translation agencies, which I can check up on regrading payment practices and such. I very rarely get contacted by private individuals, hence the cautionary steps...

Anyway, yesterday I got an e-mail with just a first name, apparently from the UK, asking for a quote for a document. The text seemed kind of odd, plus I just got a bad vibe, so I said I was on vacation, and very politely steer the person to a web site where he could find someone else.

I quickly got an e-mail back asking why I answer e-mails on my vacation, and I just answered nicely that I just can't stay away from computers... Not that it is his business.

Today I got THIS e-mail from the slimy little creep, along with a photoshoped photo of myself (stolen from my business web site):

As you're a lazy cow, i have decided that you are not so fine-looking anymore !
Regards, steve

What a freak show!

Another very early morning

We left at 7:10 AM this morning to pick up my car. It turned out to be a simple problem with the fuel pressure, like the gas cap was not tight enough or something...

So we loaded Ken's car with all of us, including the dogs (they love to come on any car rides they can!).

Then Ken took my car, left for a meeting in St Petersburg and Sarah, the dogs and I went to camp to drop Sarah off and then now we are home.

I got some more storage things for Sarah's room yesterday, and I am really feeling that the toys are under more control. I know we could get rid of a lot of stuff, but she really does play with all that crap, so I don't have the heart to take anything away unless it brakes...

I am so looking forward to ordering the loft bed, but I need to wait until I get paid for a big job here in August. But I am very impatient and the waiting is driving me nuts. I want it now!

It will be interesting to see if I can assemble it myself, it says it should take 1½ hours... And then I have to stain it and all that too.

I need to get a few things at IKEA later as well, so that is another thing to add to my list after I get paid. I am so in the mood for Swedish cider right now, so I will have to stock up when I go to IKEA.

The money is from the Italians, and it can be here as early as next week or as late as the first week of September, I am never really sure when their pay periods start and end... But as they say: "She who waits for something good can never wait too long"... Bet they never heard of me!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guessing game

I am now going to show you two hibiscus plants, each planted at the same time.

Guess which one the dogs like to pee on all the time??? (Oh yes, that is a plant to the left, or what is left of it anyway...)

Early morning

Yesterday Ken noticed the Check Engine light on my car had come on, so we made an appointment to bring my car in for a check up this morning. Hopefully it will be covered under the warranty.

This all meant we had to get up early and be out of the door at 7:15 AM, then we dropped the car off, then we dropped Ken off, and then I dropped Sarah off.

I took the opportunity to take the dogs for a nice walk over at the YMCA, since the dogs were in the car and really could need a little walking after all that driving around.

After I got back, I did some work, and I am expecting an editing job to come in, but other than that, it should be pretty slow today.

I have a bunch of auctions on eBay, seems I will make some decent money on the stuff. I am selling a lot of Wii games that we have tired off, and I am only on day 3 of 7 of the auctions, and some of the games already have bids equal or over what I originally paid for them, pretty good!

The joint pain seem to be subsiding, so that is good. Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No energy

After I did a couple of jobs this morning, and then my corporation's bookkeeping for June, I was just spent. No more energy left!

I am going to pick up Sarah from camp now, and then get some groceries and eventually do SOMETHING around here... Just one of those days. Doesn't help it has been 38 C outside either; makes you feel like not moving around that much, that is for sure. And the dogs sure took their time sniffing everything when we took our walks, even though they seemed to be really thankful of the AC when we got back home...

Monday, July 27, 2009


Not feeling good at all. I have had major joint pain in my wrists for a few days, but today the joint pain decided to settle in my chest, and that is just not much fun at all...

But at least Sarah was very excited about going to camp this morning. All due to the little "remote control" cockroach she got! It is a rubber bug on a thin fishing wire hooked up to a little reel so you can make it move very fast. She loves the idea of scaring a few people with that thing...

I have already done a ton of work this morning, so unless anything else is coming in for work, I am just going to go soft all day. I have a few things to do around the house, so I am sure I can stay busy.

On Saturday we visited our friends up in Apollo Beach for a nice afternoon of food and chatting. S is Chinese, but raised in Vietnam, and she made VERY good Vietnamese noodle bowls for us. Too bad I ate so much before dinner, so I couldn't finish it all. But it was so yummy, you could really tell she made her own broth and everything.

We talked a lot about cultural differences when it comes to food, and it was actually very similar how she was raised and how I was raised back in Sweden. But there are of course a few differences, and many things are just food you have been raised eating, that someone who is not used to eating the same stuff think is, well, kind of gross.

Like we eat pickled fish and "fish eggs in a tube" (Kalles Kaviar) in Sweden. S and her family loves the "meat" that surrounds the joints. She had included that in the dish we ate on Saturday, along with regular beef. Her kids kept asking for more "joint meat", but I refused to even try it. I know, I am chicken! But joints? Ken tried it, but he wasn't that into it. I guess it is an acquired taste, just like so many other things in life...

Here is a picture of the noodle bowl I had, but I forgot to take the picture right away, so I have already eaten a lot of it. But yummy it was, that is for sure...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh I sure have a lot to do tomorrow...

I am nothing like my grandmother (mom) when it comes to collection stuff. I like to "clean out" once in a while. I am more of a Calvin Klein; I like clean lines and open areas, not clutter and decorations...

Not to say I don't keep personal items that have sentimental value, such as old photos, my diaries form high school (so much fun reading!) and stuff like that.

But about once a year I need to tear everything out from the closets, go though drawers, organize. ..

Our house is not that big, about 140 square meters, and that feels a little smaller when you actually work in the same place you live. So a little sorting and weeding needs to be done once in a while.

Sarah's room is a difficult nut to crack. It is just under 9.5 square meters, and she has a lot of STUFF. She has a great set of furniture, and I like that she has a full size bed (145 cm wide), because two adults can sleep in there when we have overnight guests. But that bed sure eats away at the little play area she has.

So I decided to get a loft bed here soon. I looked at IKEA first, but their loft beds only holds about 100 kg, not enough. The solution turned out to be a little company up in New York who make custom made loft beds. I can get a very sturdy, all wood loft bed, full size that can hold 450 kg! And just for about $50 more than the IKEA bed, including shipping!!!

It will arrive untreated, so I can paint or stain it any color I want, and I will still have to assemble it, but that should not be more work than with the IKEA bed anyway...

Here is a picture of how it will look, but I haven't decided which color stain to use yet, but I will definitely keep the wood look, perhaps a little darker:

Sarah loves the idea of sleeping up high, and there will still be plenty of headroom left for her or any guests sleeping there. And the best part is that it will free up all that space underneath the bed...

I am also moving the 3-drawer dresser that is currently in Sarah's closet to the closet in my office, see the movie below. She still have a larger dresser and bookshelf in her room, and by moving this dresser I will free up all that space in her closet, making room for her toy bins. I think I am getting closer to achieving a little more control of the toys now!

So I sure have the work cut out for myself tomorrow... I will post some after shots/videos of the result after it is all done, but the loft bed will not happen yet, but probably (hopefully) before school starts on August 24th. I want her to feel excited about starting 1st grade, and I think a fresh, newly re-decorated room will help her get excited about things to come...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Panoramic View

I just found this nice panoramic view over the Bradenton Lakewood Ranch area where Ken's office is located.

You can actually see the building he is in; look just under the Bay News 9 advertisement on top after the picture has spun a little, you will see two buildings that are beige with green roofs, his building is in the building directly behind the "green roofed" building on the left, it is a beige building with brownish roof, you kind of have to look close....

Here is the link, I think you need Quicktime to watch the panorama movie:

MOSI, server and lazy naps

Ken had to get the server going at the new office yesterday, along with at least 3 computers so things could run smoothly. He has to be in Tampa all day today when the major move of all the furniture takes place, and he uses remote desktop to work, so no server, no work today. He got home at 2:30 AM last night (or should I say this morning...).

Sarah was very excited about going to camp today. It is field trip day, and the bus is taking them to Tampa and MOSI, the Museum of Science and Industry. This is a museum right up her alley. She changes what she wants to be when she grows up now and then, right now it is a mom and a scientist.

After I pick her up around 4:30 PM this afternoon we are heading over to the new office to see the final result. There will of course be a lot of work still, but everything will be there.

On another note, the dogs just went down for their usual morning nap, and this is how they like it:

Monday, July 20, 2009

Flu Update

H1N1 or Swine Flu has been pretty quiet in the media, not enough excitement, so they moved on to the next great thing...

I am a bit concerned as to what to expect from this flu when the flu season starts up again in the fall. These types of diseases has a tendency to mutate and get more aggressive, that is what happened with the Spanish Flu, for instance.

The number of cases in the US are now well over 40,000, and the number of deaths are getting close to 300.

On a more local note, in our county it seems the flu has gotten a good grip: several people has gotten sick, and so far 2 people have died here. The total number of people sick with the flu in Florida are now over 2,200, with about 15 deaths.

I guess we will just have to wait and see...

Computer problem

Last night and then again this morning something very disturbing happened on my computer. Whatever program was open, it would cycle though each item (button) super fast, making it almost impossible to click on anything.

I am very well protected with up to the minute virus checks and so on, so I really had a hard time thinking this could be some kind of virus attack. I did a thorough deep scan, but all that came up was a bug in the driver for my web camera.

I disabled it, and so far so good.

Then I found the REAL problem...

A crumb was making the TAB key stick. Perhaps that is what they call a Snack Attack?!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day at Venice Beach

After a busy day at the new office yesterday, it was nice to have a relaxing day at the beach, especially when it was 98F/37C! We headed south down to Venice Beach, and claimed a spot close to the pier. I enjoyed floating on my mattress, just relaxing, while Ken looked for shark teeth with his special shark teeth scooper (he found 11!), and Sarah played and swam next to him.

When we started to get hungry we walked the short distance up to Sharky's on the Pier, showered off a bit and enjoyed a great lunch (Ken and I both had the grilled grouper sandwich). We now have a new favorite restaurant, the atmosphere right there on the beach was great!


Right next to the restaurant is a very tall giant pier, and while we were out there enjoying the view after lunch we got to see people catching barracudas and tarpons. The second tarpon was apparently a big one, so we couldn't stay to see it being reeled in, they said it could take hours (good to know they just take a picture with the fish and then release it back in...)

Venice Fishing Pier at Sunset

Oh, and this is from yesterday, the exterior of Ken's new office:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Busy days

Yesterday I was helping the neighbour, trying to upgrade her computer. She finally got a used computer from her son, had it hooked up to a super fast fiber optic cable, BUT it is slow as molasses... I took a quick look, and could quickly figure out she had an adequate hard drive, a great processor but only 128 MB RAM!!! The minimum recommended if you run Window's XP is 512 MB, so no wonder it was sloooow.

We looked at several stores, but older types of RAM is difficult to find. Her computer can only handle a pair of 512 MBs, and most people nowadays goes at least with 1 GB, so that was a bust.

I have now ordered some on the Internet, so we will just have to wait until it gets here, then I can plop it in there and she should be good to go.

Today I had to help Ken out, he was in St Petersburg, so I had to go by the new office and supervise the installation of the fiber optic cable, so it will be ready to hook up the server tomorrow. They had some problem with running the cable in the attic of the building, some problem with the electric. So I went home for a few hours while they sort that out, and I will have to go back later to lock up. The place is completely empty, so no worry about leaving it unlocked for a few hours.

So tomorrow will be a busy day. Ken will be there early for the server hookup, and Sarah and I will sleep in a bit and follow later. I could not find any movie or pictures from the old office, I must have deleted them, but you can take a look at the bare bones of the new office here below, I will show how it looks like after it is all ready and we have moved in everything. I will take some pictures from the outside too, it is a pretty nice, newly built building.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Move and beach

The second half of the week is shaping up to be a busy one. Ken's new office is ready for us on Friday evening, so on Saturday we will be busy with electricians, broadband installers, sign installers, fountain installers, server thinga-ma-jiggs and so on. Ken stopped by there last night, and they had painted and pulled out the old carpet. Will be nice to see everything in place on Saturday.

What is so nice about this move compared to the one he did when he upgraded three years ago, is that I didn't have to lift a finger! His employees (receptionist/office assistant extraordinaire K) have arranged everything, coordinated and made sure everything is taken care off. Thank goodness we found her!

Remember the crazy M that was let go this spring? Ken had tried to teach her to do a fairly simple accounting thing for about 17 months, but she kept complaining it was too difficult, even though she had a degree in accounting and all. It took super K (who is still in college and is only 23) TWO days to learn that same thing!!! TWO days! So she is gold.

We are planning on going down to Venice on Sunday for a nice day on the beach, hopefully find some shark teeth and just enjoy ourselves. Then on Wednesday next week the movers are moving all the heavy stuff, and on Thursday it is suppose to be business as usual over at the new place.

We have really lucked out with the new offices. It is about 30 % larger, costs $800 less a month, is located smack in the middle of everything (great location!) and it is in the same building as Bank of America. I think that will really help business even further. I am so glad things are going so well for both him and myself, especially considering the bad times and all the medical crap I have been through. Very exciting!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Enjoying some time off

I only have smaller work projects so far this week, and I am kind of enjoying just doing nothing.

I spent most of the morning watching Swedish TV, Lyxfällan on TV3 is my latest addiction. I also managed to do a lot of laundry and clean up a bit.

After camp the house was full of kids, so hard to get much of anything done, but they were having a lot of fun, laughing and squealing with delight. I think they were playing Disney World, they had a map of Disney World and pretended they walked around and went on the different rides. So cute!

Sarah was not happy about going to camp this morning, even though she knows they are having a Hawaiian party today. She was just not in the mood. But she usually enjoys herself after she gets there, so I am not too worried. Tomorrow they are going on a field trip, bowling is the thing of the day, so I know she will love that.

Now I am going to watch some more Lyxfällan before getting some stuff done around here... Have a great day!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Orlando/Sea World

I am exhausted! Yesterday we spent 8.5 hours walking around at Sea World, so I feel tired and a bit sore all over today. But there was a lot to see and do. It did of course not help much that it was HOT either. The sweat kept dripping off us. But we had a great day! Sea World is a must if you are interested in dolphins, sharks, beluga whales and killer whales. I think they lack a bit when it comes to regular fish, I would choose The Florida Aquarium for that.

But the dolphins and the whales, wow... During one of the dolphin shows I actually got a bit teary eyed just admiring these awesome creatures. But the most impressing show is of course with the killer whales. Extraordinarily beautiful! As they explain, they don't actually train the whales, they "ask" them to do things, and the whales do it if they feel like. That was apparent during the show we saw, since they had to take a brake in the middle when the whales decided they didn't feel like cooperating. Conservation and research is a big thing with Sea World, they do a lot of good.

All in all a very nice visit.

Friday and Saturday we mostly just enjoyed the pool area at the resort we stayed at. Sarah and I was in the pool 4 hours on Saturday, luckily it was a salt water pool, so no nasty chlorine smell afterward. Relaxing, fun and good food basically sums up the weekend.

Before I get back to work, here are some pictures of the beautiful Killer Whales:

Ice cream is a must in the heat!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Poor babies!

I just dropped Bob and Stan off at the veterinarian's office so they can be boarded at their kennel until Monday.

As soon as we entered the building Stan turned into a shivering crybaby. He does NOT like to be away from his family! 3 nights without anyone to snuggle with? A major catastrophe in Stan's world!

Bob is more like a cranky old man. He tried to bite the vet tech when she did the mandatory flea check. Like, "Get your filthy paws off me, man!!! "

I have a feeling Stan will drive Bob crazy over the weekend, but at least they have each other!


I was up at 6:45 AM, it was a bit hard to get out of bed, since I had a lot of joint pain in my arms, but no big deal. But when I got up I realized it was in my knees too, and the left knee, the one with the cyst, was all swelled up. So I had to go back to bed. Walking and jogging usually require bending of the knees, and that was not going to happen on the left side today, unfortunately...

But I have a full schedule today anyway: take Sarah to camp, go home, clean the kitchen, pack our bags, take the dogs to the kennel, get a haircut, pick up Sarah and then... hopefully Ken will be home at 2:30 PM so we can take off right away.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend, I will be back on Monday, see you then!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Slow slow today

Actually kind of nice to have nothing I have to do today. There might be a small work project or two towards the afternoon, but I am planning on just puttering around the house today. The last few weeks have been very work intense, so this is a welcome break for sure.

Tomorrow Sarah is suppose to wear her favorite sports team, and after some thinking, what would be better than THIS:

Today Sarah is going on a field trip with the YMCA, they get to hang out with the professional baseball players of the Tampa Bay Rays! A very popular field trip indeed...

Tomorrow after my third workout session, I have a haircut, and then we are dropping the dogs of at the kennel before picking Sarah up from the Y. Then it is off to Orlando again. This time we are staying at a resort called Calypso Cay. We are all looking forward to a relaxing weekend, lots of time just hanging at their fabulous pool. Here is the pool at Calypso Cay, looks promising:

On Sunday we are going to Sea World, which will be a lot of fun. We haven't been there since 2004, so it will be like a first time all over again for Sarah.

These 3-day mini vacations are actually great! You get to get away for a little, recharge your batteries, but it is not the hassle of a longer vacation. We are going to Fort Lauderdale for a 4-day stay in mid August as well, but that stay will be combined with trying to hang out with Ken's grandfather as much as possible as well. He is going on 101 and who knows how long he has left...

Now I am going to get me some caffeine to drink and then watch some Swedish TV I think...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Almost done

Today I am most certain I will finish up the second job from the Italians - that means I get the day off tomorrow, just "normal" work!

I was up at 6:45 AM today, for my new workout routine. For a few seconds I just wanted to go back to sleep, but I knew that would make me feel awful about myself, so up I went and off for another 30 minuted speed walk/run. So far so good...

I am very happy I did my research and got a pair of Asics Cumulus running shoes, These babies are like running with air pillows under your feet (hence the name, I assume), and so far not a hint of a blister. This is very important, since I am very blister prone. And a bad blister could prohibit me for continuing for a while. See, I am a barefoot person. I very rarely wear socks or shoes that enclose the feet. I am all sandals, as open as possible. The barefoot part has always been the case, but the sandals thing started after I moved here to Florida in 1996. Occasionally I wear "normal" shoes during the coldest of winter days.

A few years ago I found out the lupus had also decided to include my feet, I have a chronic inflammation of the major nerve that goes along the foot, a so called Morton's neuroma.

I guess nerve inflammation is just something I will have to live with, I still have the neuralgia, the inflammation of the facial nerve. It seem though that most of my problems always seem to affect only my left side of the body, weird. In my left leg I have the Baker's cyst, a large cyst on the inside of the back of the knee, the nerve thingy in the foot, plus I had 3 blood clots in my left lower leg as well, and I think there is still some problems with that, since my leg tend to swell up a lot during lots of exercise or walking.

Don't worry, in 2005 they surgically implanted something called a vena cava filter, a filter thingy that sits in my vena cava (one of the two large veins that takes de-oxygenated blood to the heart). The filter is there to catch any errant clots before reaching the heart (or lungs or brain) and potentially killing me. The reason they gave me the filter instead of keeping me on blood thinners for the rest of my life (since the blood clot risk will be there forever), is that I was intolerant of the medication, but I also had so much inflammation going on in my body, that the risk for bleeding was too great.

This is the exact filter I have implanted

The filter is only about 80 % effective, so that sucks. But I feel a bit more stable nowadays, getting rid of the colon and rectum really helped in giving my body a chance to catch up and recover.

And hey, the filter looks like a star on a CT-scan, really pretty, at least that is something, huh?!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A little sore...

Yesterday was my first ever try to increase my cardiovascular fitness. I spent 30 minutes doing 30 minutes of cardio at 7 AM yesterday morning.

Starting out the first week, with my fitness level not even on the scale, I did 6 minutes speed walk, then 1 minute jogging, and repeated 3 times. 1 minute of jogging sounds like nothing, but for someone like me, who has been through a couple of major surgeries the last few years, who has lupus and all kinds of other medical problems, it was a BIG deal. The plan is to increase the jogging part, so after 8 weeks I can run 20-30 minutes straight.

How pathetic this might sound like to you fit people, this is a plan that might work for me. I say might, because I have no idea how my body is going to react. It doesn't exactly help that I have a Baker's cyst big as an orange on the back of my left knee.

So I don't have super high hopes for this fitness plan, but I am very motivated. I need more energy, I need to take care of my heart. So I got myself a pair of really good running shoes, and I am going to give it my best...

Yesterday morning, after I got over (almost) the initial feeling that I was going to keel over, and I was done, I felt great! Too bad I have to do it 3-4 days a week for it to really count...

But it did start the day out on a positive note for sure.
Then last night I decided to be really good, and I spent over 45 minutes pushing the mower around the yard. It was really needed, but it is quite the workout since we don't have one of those self-propelled mowers. Even if it is a motorized mower, you really have to PUSH!

After that my face was read as a beet, but it felt great jumping into the shower. Plus I took the dogs for two long walks during the day, so I really got my share of workout yesterday.

So today I am a bit sore, mostly in my hips and thighs, and tomorrow I am suppose to do another 7 AM cardio.

Hopefully it will all work out and my body will be happy, not too grumpy. I better cram my MP3-player with as many upbeat songs I can find. If you would all give me your best tips on upbeat songs, I would greatly appreciate it. I mean the kind of songs that makes you smile and you just can't sit still when you hear 'em.

I need all the help I can get.. :-)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Difficulty concentrating

Lets see...

  • Monday afternoon slump... Check!
  • Teenagers playing with firecrackers so dogs bark like crazy... Check!
  • 8 very itchy mosquito bites... Check!
  • Muscle pain from workout this morning... Check!
  • Not enough caffeine... Check!

Very hard to concentrate... Must... concentrate...

Think weekend getaway! Only 4 days left!

Weekend Update

We had a nice lazy weekend it felt like, but at the same time I got a lot of stuff done.

On Saturday we went to the movies, and then we headed Downtown Bradenton for the annual 4th of July Fireworks over the Manatee River. As always it was packed, and at 9:30 PM the show started. It was 30 minutes of great performance! I have to say they outdid themselves on the finale this year, it was truly great!

Lots of people brought their own chairs and had set up camp along the side of Manatee River

Ken and Sarah eagerly anticipating seeing all the fireworks

After we got home Sarah was very excited, even though it was 10:30 PM, we still had a bunch of our own "fireworks" to shoot off. The kind you shoot into the air is not allowed, you need a permit for those, but we had fun watching all kinds of different sparkler-type of fireworks.

It was a very sleepy Sarah that finally went to bed at 11 PM...

Here is a clip of the beginning of the City of Bradenton Firework Show:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Independence Day Weekend

Last night I noticed my joints were not hurting anymore, and when I watched the news, sure enough, the weather that has been causing all this rain is letting up. Now we are back to normal, which in Florida means tropical in the summer with afternoon thunder showers. Great!

Sarah and Stan are both fine now, I think Sarah just really wanted to stay home yesterday, in fact, I think she just wanted to play with the kids next door...

So hopefully I can get some work done today, now when Sarah is at camp again...

Tomorrow it is Independence Day, aka Forth of July, aka the US National Day. This is usually celebrated all over with fun, food and fireworks.

Our plans is to go and see a movie tomorrow (the new Ice Age movie in 3D), then have a little BBQ. We do have some fireworks, but most kinds are illegal to use at home unless you have a permit, so we only got some pretty mild things. Enough to get Sarah excited!

Should hopefully just be a relaxing weekend with some pool/beach thrown in for good measure. Next weekend we have another 2-nighter in Orlando, this time we are staying at Calypso Cay, similar to the one we stayed at last time. We are going to SeaWorld next Sunday, should be fun, we haven't been to SeaWorld since December 2004!

Hope you all have a great Friday and weekend!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's up?

I have no idea. Sarah woke up today complaining that she sees fuzzy out of her left eye, mostly at a distance. She also says she has a "medium pain in her brain", translation: she has a bit of a headache over her forehead... She also seems sensitive to light a bit.

So I am keeping her home from camp today to keep an eye on her. If it seems it might get worse or not get better I might take her to her doctor, his office is just around the corner anyway.

It is suppose to be another super rainy day, so a good day to be curled up on the couch.

Myself, I am finishing up the big project, and as soon as that is done I am starting the next one. I hope I can't still work when she is home, she has a tendency to whine a lot when she is bored... :-)