Thursday, July 14, 2005

Need... sleep...

I am just so tired... I could use some sleep for sure! But that is not going to happen as long as I have a 2-year old to take care of ;-)!

I am working on a translation of a user manual for Bench Press Machine. Can it be much more boring? It dosn't really help in keeping me alert... And it has to be done by the end of today, since it is due tomorrow at 4 PM Hong Kong time, and they are about 13 hours ahead in time...

I really like this agency in Hong Kong, they have been sending tons of work my way the last few months. Apparently they must like my work!

Well, back to work before it is time for lunch. I definitly need a some Diet Coke (aka caffeine)...

Take care!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Early morning

It has been a very busy morning! We were up early at 7:30 AM, throwing in the first of many loads of laundry. I have been doing all kinds of cleaning, but it barley shows yet! That is what happens when you have been sick a lot and then working like crazy! A total mess!

The carpet is non-savable, the dogs have just ruined by peeing in a couple of spots, plus it is light beige, so all satins are highly visible (think 2-year old with bright red posicle...) I can't wait until we can rip it all out and replace it with tile floors in the entire house! We just shelled out $8500 for a new roof, so it will have to wait just a bit. I hate carpet!

I cleaned my desk today, I relly went into all the nooks and crannies, I didn't just cram everything in a cupboard out of site... Ken is going to get a shock!

Better go for now, the husband is home for a 10 minute stopover...

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Cool! I just made $78 on a few test auctions! I am waiting until Tuesday for uploading all the "good" stuff that is likely to bring in some good cash, but I had a few mixed auctions going, and they did really good! I have been doing eBay auctions for a few years now, and I love it! I both buy and sell, and especially selling Sarah's old clothes is great! A lot of people love buying gently used childrens' clothes. Good for me! I sell her last season, and whatever I make I use for buying her new clothes for the upcoming season. I usually sell twice really big, before the spring season and before the fall season. I meet lots of nice people on eBay. In fact, I like the Internet in general. I found my husband there, I even bought my new car on the Net, and saved a bundle! I also adopted a dog through the Net. I buy most of my stuff online. I just love it!

Take care!

Being sick and hurricanes...

I have pretty much spent all spring being sick on and off, or at least so it feels... First I had my appendix removed in the beginning of May, then I got a whopping case of streph throat, followed by a long stay in the hospital with a stupid blood clot in my groin. My entire left leg is still messed up, hopefully it will improve, beacause it is rather impairing...

We JUST dodged hurricane Dennis, we kissed our lucky star once again. Last year we had 4 scares right on top of each other, but a major hurricane like this in July? Never actually heard of before!

Otherwise life in Florida is quite slow right now, the high heat and humidity brings the heath index way up, and it is hard to muster the energy to move about outside. Not that I can do much of that anyway due to the leg!

I have just started loading things up on eBay, falls sales for toddler clothes usually start to pick up greatly just after the 4th of July weekend. I had 36 auctions ending yesterday, have 14 more today, and I will upload 25 on Tuesday night. They say for Toddler stuff the best start/end time is Tuesday nights after dinner time, and I have to agree that has worked for me.

Well, that is all for now!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Amazing little girl!

I guess they are right when they say your life changes when you have a baby! I have been so busy since she was born. She is an amazing little girl, so full of life and so sweet. I am very proud of her! She is now almost 22 months old, will be 2 in May!!! WOW! Where did all that time go?

We did finally buy a house about a year ago, and we really love it. I painted all the rooms the way I wanted them, no more all white apartment walls! It is a nice feeling knowing you can do whatever you want with the place.

She is very active, but I manage to work quite a lot actually. She is pretty independent and likes to play by herself. Her room is next to my office, but she usually hangs out in the living room or in the office with me. She is right now watching the Swedish version of Cinderella, she loves the evil cat and his antics.

My husband finally quit his high paying job and is now out on his own. He is a bit nervous, but so far it is going great. He will most likely take on some consulting jobs after tax season is over, since things are bound to slow down then.

Well, I better go and get dinner started now. I had food poisoning over the weekend, so I haven't eaten that much the last few days, and now I am starving!