Saturday, March 31, 2007

What a wonderul day!

My plan was to work all day today at K's office, but I just really felt like getting out a bit, so S and I went downtown to see the new Disney movie, "Meet the Robinson's". The film wasn't that great, I had expected a bit more from Disney. Iam a SciFi lover, so I figured it would be cool with the time traveling and all, but it fell short, and it also seemed to have a lot of plot holes. On the other hand, small kids don't care about that. Sarah thought the dinosaur was really cool!

After the movie S and I went by this really nice Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Cali, and picked up some yummy and healthy food. We haven't eaten yet, I am waiting for one of K's client to leave and then YUM! It smells so great!

After that I better get my stuff together and buckle down.

I also heard from L today, she came home last night after a long trip (she is a flight attendant). We made plans to go out and have lunch on Monday and maybe do some shopping as well. Sarah loves her so much, and she has become a bit of a substitute grandmother. L is such a young person, but she is actually born 1950, the same year my mom was born, so they would have been the same age if she had lived. L has taken on a lot of grandmother duties over the years (and privileges), and she and her family feels like family. She doesn't have any grand kids of her own yet, but there might be some in the next few years. Her daughter is 3 years younger than me and have been trying for a few years, but she has some medical issues that are keeping her and her husband from starting a family just yet. She really enjoys S and looks at her as a great opportunity to get some "inside information" on child rearing.

For me L is not like a mom, but a very good friend. We feel very close in age, oddly enough!

Halloween Costumes

S and I have been talking a lot about Halloween. In fact, she has already decided what she is going to be this year. And mom. And dad...

Apparently she loved the idea of being Snow White so much last year, she wants to be it again this year. Ans she has informed me she wants me to be Ariel, The Little Mermaid (well, I do have reddish hair...), but get this, this is the best, she wants daddy to be Pocahontas. I can't quite picture it. Or, wait, yeah! Oh yeah!!!

Here are some video clips and a photo of S's past Halloweens. Click on the links and enjoy!

Halloween 2003 - Tiger

Halloween 2004 - Lady Bug

Halloween 2005 - Fairy

Halloween 2006 - Snow White

Friday, March 30, 2007

Poor dogs!

I was just looking at some old video clips of the dogs. Do we always "torture" them and film them? It seems like every clip they are doing something they are not entirely happy about... But the are good sports! Click on the links and see what you think!

Stan as a very good looking skunk for Halloween 2006

Bob and Stan enjoy Peanut Butter

Cool stuff!

Wow, what a nice day S and I had! First we did a few errands for Ken, and then we headed over to Target. I found all kinds of cool stuff for her Easter basket, as well as a few extra things for my Australian friend's boy. His birthday is about 3 weeks before S's, and I got all the stuff ready to be packed up and shipped.

Then we headed over to Longhorn Steakhouse and had a lovely lunch. Grilled shrimp on rice and a house salad for me, and a hot dog, fries and grapes for S. None of us ate that much, but it was good!

K is like my old departed step-grandfather/dad, the kind of person who thinks it is a sin to leave food on the plate. I argue with him about it all the time, since I pretty much never eat all my food. First of all, there is no law against leaving your food! Take a doggy bag home! Second of all, the portions are often HUGE beyond what a normal person should eat anyway. It just is not healthy! I often have to stop him from eating my leftovers. He just can't help himself getting uncomfortable seeing all that food going to waste. Well, I don't think it needs to go to his waist, either. So I stop him. With love.

Murder mystery???

I was just taking the dogs out, and on my way back in I noticed something strange outside our front door. Like 1 foot from the door... At closer inspection it confirmed what I suspected. It was the tip of a snake's tail! All bloody and fresh. And there was blood smeared on the cement. So a snake must have met his grizzly end there sometime during the night. Wonder where the rest of him is?

The dogs never sniffed once, they didn't notice anything! And they sniff ALL the time... It looked like it came from a corn snake judging by the color. We seem to have a lot of these beautiful snakes around here. I don't think this tail could have come from the one that died a few weeks ago, because the blood was so fresh. Weird! But we do have quite a large family of sharp shinned hawks living nearby, maybe they had an early meal a la snake...

Busy day

Today we have to do a bunch of errands for K. He is doing consulting in north Tampa on most Fridays, and we need to drop of some payroll for one of his clients, make a few deposits, and oh: he gave me his credit card and told me to get the stuff for S's Easter basket. And treat us to a nice lunch on him. So we will do just that. Maybe a visit to the Olive Garden? That is a great mother-daughter place. But we are going to be in between our two local restaurants... too far. I know, I haven't been to the Longhorn Steakhouse for a while! It is next to the Target we are going to, and they have a great kids menu. Wonderful salads too! OK. That would work.

I usually try to get more toys rather than candy for the basket, she will get enough of that at the Easter Egg Hunt at the park and home, but K made me promise to get her a big, chocolate bunny. His mom never got him one as a kid, so he really want her to have one. She got one last year. They are huge! We ended eating most of it, it was enough for 3 people.

Out of the big "everything stores" (Wal-Mart, K-mart and Target) I like Target the best. Wal-Mart irks me with its sordid reputation for being a lousy employer, taking over an area so the small "mom and pop" places can't make it. K-mart has just gone down hill in this area after the bankruptcy problems. target, on the other hand seems to reinvent themselves every year. I like the hip vibe, the designer collaborations and the fresh feel. They opened a huge Super Target here in October, and you can walk around in that for hours.

We do have an almost brand new Wal-Mart just around the corner, but I rather do the drive to Target. The only thing I like about Wal-Mart is their self check out system (I helped translate the Swedish version!). Before I would go crazy waiting in their lines, now you can get through must faster.

Oh, and on another note, I think I might be getting a little better. Just small things here and there. I have noticed I have more energy, probably because instead of going to the bathroom 6-8 times a night it has been more like 2 the last few nights. Big difference! The energy translates itself to other areas: the house is clean, the laundry is done, I work more, play more. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that the steroids have started working their magic finally... Still haven't gained any weight, oddly enough.

I better get in the shower to get ready, it is already after 9.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


We all know American food portions in restaurants are way out of proportion...

Another piece of evidence: Sometimes I like a fast meal that is also somewhat OK nutrition wise. I opt for a plain baked potato and a small chili at Wendy's. Poor the chili over/on the potato, voila! An instant, satisfying meal. Today I also added a medium un-sweet ice tea. The cup was so big it barely fit the cup holder in the car. And get this; after 3.5 hours the tea left was still cold, since the share size kept it that way... Imagine how many calories would have been in there if it was a regular soda?

The Easter Bunny is BIG!

S have never had a favorite lovey she takes to bed. In fact, she never wanted a binky, and she has never (except for the day she was born) drank from a bottle. I guess I was her lovey, nursing her all the time. I still sing her to bed every night. I don't think it is spoiling her, and I love the closeness. Anyway, she always picks the books we will read each night, as well as which stuffed animal goes with her (or sometimes rubbery lizard or gator). Tonight she insisted on bringin the Easter Bunny. He is a very large bunny a friend gave her for her first Easter. VERY large...

In fact, my brother in law also insist on bringing huge stuffed animals each Christmas. We don't have a big house, and these things are monsters! So far we have the Easter Bunny, a Bear and two Dogs. They are very nice quality, just HUGE! As you can see in the pictures, the Bunny might not be the best thing to snuggle with... and after a few minutes she quietly informed me he was too big... Bless her heart!

Lite Q&A

Min kära kalvtavla från Sverige! En gammal Vagabond skoreklam från nån tidning i början av 90-talet...

  1. Ta närmaste bok och slå upp sidan 18 rad 4 – vad står det där?
    ”The respiratory therapist looked up from connecting…” från STIGMA by Philip Hawley, Jr.

    2. Sträck ut din vänstra arm så långt du kan, vad rör du vid? En röd plastkopp med ett sugrör i och smält is. Var visst Diet Coke i innan.

    3. Vad såg du senast på tv?
    ”The Daily Ten” amerikanskt skvallermagasin på lunchen.

    4. Utan att se efter, gissa vad klockan är?
    16:20? Ja, EXAKT!

    5. Bortsett från datorn, vad hör du just nu?
    Trafikbrus, en av mina hundar som suckar, fåglar som har sig ute, stolen som knarrar lite.

    6. När du senast var ute vad gjorde du då?
    Var ute för ca 25 minuter sedan på långpromenad med vovsarna.

    7. Vad tittade du på innan du började med denna undersökning?
    En blogg.

    8. Vad har du på dig nu?
    Khakifärgad kjol från GAP, marinblå kortärmad tröja från Ralph Lauren, trosor från Victoria's Secret, BH från Frederick's of Hollywood

    9. Drömde du något i natt?
    Jag kommer ihåg att jag vaknade straxt efter midnatt efter en läskig dröm (tack bruna bönorna). Kommer inte ihåg vad det var, men otäckt var det.

    10. När skrattade du senast?
    Nog igår åt dotterns roligheter.

    11. Vad finns på väggarna i rummet där du är nu?
    Mina universitetsdiplom, medlemsbevis till American Translators Association, konst och en av mina favoritbilder som har varit med mig sedan min första egna lägenhet när jag var 19 år (det är en annons för skomärket Vagabond, se ovan), dotterns konst.

    12. Har du sett något konstigt på sista tiden?
    Jo. Man bor ju i USA…

    13. Vilken var den senaste film du såg?
    The Pursuit of Happyness
14. Om du blev multimiljonär, vad skulle du köpa då?
Större hus. Sommarstuga på Gotland, nya bilar, fler resor.

15. Berätta något om dig själv som folk inte vet om.

Jag kan 5 språk.

16. Tycker du om att dansa?
Nej. Bara för mig själv i så fall, eller med dottern.

17. Vad ska dina barn heta, pojke resp flicka?

Flickan heter ju S. En pojke skulle ha hetat Eric.

18. Skulle du någonsin överväga att bo utomlands?
Jo, uppenbarligen så inga problem med det!


Needed a little break... Well, I started working on that other new job early this morning, only to find out the end-client decided to not pursue a translation... It got me so pissed! But the agency was very professional and offered to pay for time spent, but I figure it would be in my best interest to be nice and decline, more chance of future projects if they think I am really nice...

FINALLY the Swedish government came through and provided me with a Word-doc of the report I have to translate for next week. So I can use my translation tool, a program that remembers certain strings I have already translated, so I don't have to re-write them. It also promotes consistency which is important in larger documents of course. It has a lot of helpful technology that make the process easier. They call them CAT-tools, (computer aided translation). The computer doesn't translate anything of course, but it helps me keep organized on larger projects.

I am just glad the $ is coming in again. Can you believe it will be 9 years since I was in Sweden last? So I would like to have a lot of money to spend in July... And to make up for the almost 3 weeks I will be gone...

I have noticed my writing is really sloppy on this blog, I think it is because I always have to be so nit picky when working, so when I am not I tend to just let loose. That is my theory at least! You should hear all the tropical birds outside, it sound wonderful! The bougainvillea is blooming so brightly, the hibiscus is looking beautiful. I heard the Gulf of Mexico is already 72 degrees (22 C)... The best thing of all is all the orange blossoms that smells so delicious! Our Key Lime tree in the back is full of blossoms too! Summer is on its way!

Thursday morning

Here I am, ready to work at 6:30 AM. I am trying to get a hold on someone at SBU to give me a non-password protected PDF I need, but she seems to be taking a very looong lunch... Irritating!

Last night I got a call from a translation agency that want me to do a translation. great. But they want it on Friday, and it is really a two day job. Then he said I was too expensive, so fine, him being a new client I offered a 20 % discount. The text is pretty technical, so it isn't a walk in the park either. I e-mailed him and asked if they could extend the deadline. i would love to take the job, it would be an extra $480 this week, but I am only human. Maybe if the deadline is end of business tomorrow, I might be able to swing it. i will see what he says whenever he gets in his office I guess. He is in Pennsylvania, so that might be 30 minutes or 2 hours, depending on his hours... So much for being bright and bushy!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Getting a lot done!

Great! I actually got moving and got some stuff done... Already on my second of three loads of laundry, I pick up ALL the stray toys all over the house, cleaned S's room, ate bruna bönor, took out all the trash etc.. I am now off to do the kitchen, which is my least favorite, though it really just is a matter of filling up the brand new dishwasher. I should be happy at least I have all brand new appliances now! It does make life easier. When I started to replace all the appliances it was weird, I got all excited about it! I guess it must be a sign of adulthood, being all drooly over a shiny new appliance...

I better get a move on before I loose my steam. Still some more stuff to be done. I just want a clean slate tomorrow when I start the new project. I work better if I don't have to feel guilty about a mess... You know...


This kid of mine is too cute. She has been playing "Pet Store" all day... Which consists of her having a pet store and me buying various pets form her. I got a great deal on this hamster with wheel, only 8 pennies! Also got a butterfly for 9 pennies. She was asking only 1, but I thought it was too little for such a nice pet. She has the entire coffee table set up (very messy) with all kinds of toys, mostly animals. That kid has absolutely no problem at all occupying herself with fun play...

Bruna bönor

Glömde nog att säga att jag la BRUNA BöNOR i blöt igår. Vilket betyder svenskt mums idag!

Började koka ett tag sedan och luktar gott. Tyvärr finns det ju ingen falukorv (mitt favorittillägg till bruna bönor) så vi kör med bacon. Det brukade vi alltid få i skolan, så det ger ju trevliga minnen det med!

Jag har ju oturen att inte ha något IKEA inpå knutarna (fast det ska vist öppnas ett i Florida äntligen, dock på andra sidan... Ca 4 timmar dit och tillbaka...) ***UPPDATERING: Laste att 2 IKEA ska öppnas i Florida till hösten! Ett i Sunrise som jag visste, och ett i Orlando! Vi bor "bara" ca 2 timmar från Orlando, och dit åker vi oftare eftersom vi besöker Disney World och dylikt flera ggr om året. Ja! ***Vi har dock en skandinavisk affär och de har en del svenskt. Men dyrt. Så min snälla mamma skickar alltid ett Sverige-paket fullt med diverse matliga önskemål till julen. Och jag hade ett paket bruna bönor kvar. Jag bad min mataffär att ta hem Felix Lingonsylt, så det har vi alltid tillgång till (dock nästan $7 för en liten burk...) Och de har ju WASA knäckebröd (små förpackningar) och Annas Pepparkakor. Och jag brukr köpa hem lite Kalles Kaviar, sill, sirap, och smått och gott (läs GODIS) från den skandinaviska afären. Det finns numera dessutom en affär som heter Swedish House i "mallet" (köpcentrumgalleria) och de har lite ätbart med. Det har hänt att jag bestält frå Chicago ibland, men det blir dyrt med kylda varor som måste fraktas över natten.

Julmust kan man få tag på, olika ostar (dock inte mina favoriter) osv. Har man bara gott om pengar så...

Ska gå och röra om i bönorna nu... Mums!

Tuesday afternoon

Oj, vad mycket det blev gjort. Det menades på riktigt och sarkastiskt. Jag fick jobb gjort, men det finns ju disk och tvätt och annat som gärna vill ha lite uppmärksamhet med... Men klockan är ju inte sååå mycket ännu. Jag kanske kan få arslet ur vagnen... Behöver ta en sväng upp till Publix också, lite bröd och nått gott till lunch imorgon kan behövas.

Det lär ju bli en hård jobbardag imorgon med start på det nya jobbet. Handlar om "bilaterala cochlealimplantant" så det blir ju lite mer tekniskt i språket. Det är dock för en ideell förening. Det handlar om en rapport från SBU, som utvärderar nya metoder inom hälso- och sjukvården.

Tydligen använder sig amerikanska försäkringsbolag av en summering från denna rapport (som finns på engelska) att neka döva barn vård (implantat). Föreningen vill nu översätta hela rapporten och se om det finns något i den som de kan använda sig av mot försäkringsbolagen. Och det är där jag kommer in. Eftersom det är en ideell förening och sånt här strunt gör mig allmänt förbannad gav jag dem 20 % rabatt, vilket de var mycket tacksamma för. Hoppas att de kan finna en omväg!

Jag har en biverkning som driver mig till vansinne, väldigt obehaglig... Det hände förra gången jag tog steroider också, men inte riktigt till samma grad. Jag har ett tryck typ straxt ovanför vänster öga, eller egentligen under, runt och över. Det känns som en tilltäppt bihåla ungefär, fast ingen riktig smärta, bara ett fasligt tryck. Det blir som värst när man ska sova, kunde knappt komma till ro igår natt. Obehagligt som sjutton! Sen så blir man ju skraj och börjar fundera sent på natten, "tänk om det är blodpropp". Jag har ju redan haft tre blodproppar i benet (kanske fler), så det vore ju inte så konstigt kanske... Man blir ju lite rädd. Speciellt när mamma (mormor) fick stroke OCH hjärtattack i januari (hon mår fin-fint nu! Kruttanten...)

Man känner sig ju inte lite utsatt. Och jag är så trött på att springa hos olika läkare hela tid. Har liksom fått nog med det... Vi har en ganska bra sjukförsäkring. Jag är ju självanställd, så för egen del skulle det bli alldeles för dyrt att ha egen, men jag är dessutom "Director of Marketing" i makens firma. Och som anställd har jag sjukförsäkring. Bra att vara gift med nå som är revisor/finansiell planerare etc etc. Hade aldrig klurat ut allt finansiellt annars. Eller pensionssparat eller... Ja, ni vet!

Tillbaka till försäkringen. Maken och dottern är på sin egen "plan", och de är ju aldrig sjuka, så deras superhöga självrisk spelar ju ingen roll, men om något seriöst händer behöver vi inte punga ut med mer än $5,600 per år för dem tillsammans. Jag har en egen plan eftersom jag alltid springer hos läkare. Min självrisk är på $2,850 om året (efter den är uppnådd är sjukvård och mediciner gratis resten av året). Tyvärr så verkar jag uppfylla denna självrisk snabbt varje år, jag lär vara där redan nästa vecka... Men vi har sk "Health Savings Accounts", så min anställare (käre maken) betalar in summan av självrisken varje december, och med ett speciellt betalningskort använder jag mig av dessa pengar att betala sjukvårdskostnaderna. Så när pengarna är slut så är ju självrisken uppnåd. Och om man inte går till doktorn så mycket och aldrig uppnår självrisken, ja då är de pengar som är kvar ens egna att behålla som en pensionsfond. Skattefritt!

Så egentligen är det ju inte så förmånligt för mig, men för maken. Men det är det bästa alternativet eftersom K inte har så många anställda ännu. Desto fler anställda, desto mindre kostar försäkringen. Vi betalar förutom självriskerna ca $700 i månaden i premie. Så den svenska sjukvården kanske inte är den bästa, men dock finns det där. Var. Tacksam.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday night

I got a $500 job today, but I also got S's cold it seems. I also got a smaller job from an old client.

Just had some Zuppa Toscana from The Olive Garden. I try to get some when I have a cold coming on, it seems to work great. Yummy soup... Man, I talk about food a lot. Well, it is one of the great pleasure sin life...


S is home sick today. She seems fine, but she was very hot around 5 AM this morning, so I think she better stay home.

I had a bowl of granola with apple sauce and milk this morning, it is sitting like a lump in my stomach. For some reason it was a little too much.

I heard form my very good friend in Australia today. It is so weird they are going towards winter now, when we can smell summer around the corner!

I got another book yesterday, so maybe I will just read today. I don't have any work I have to do, just small stuff that can wait. I should do a few loads of laundry as well, so it won't pile up on me. I should be happy now when I have a wonderful washer and dryer. I guess it doesn't matter how easy access you have, it still kind of sucks... At least I don't have to drive to the laundro-mat anymore and endure hours in a sweltering hot place... I am spoiled.

I just discovered the fun of following other blogs. Some are in similar situations like myself, Swedes living away from home. It is amazing how many similar things you go through. Very interesting.

This blog has always been intended as my own place to get some thoughts out, I never considered it something anyone else might read. So if you do; I have a tendency to write details that might irk you. Just so you know :-)!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday night...

S fell asleep just after 8 PM. She has been a bit under the weather the last few days, mainly last night. She still had some fever today. Last night she was whining and woke up, but I figured she just had a stomach ache, that is what she said... But when it was time for us to go to bed a few hours later we found her in our bed in a cold puddle of pee. She is usually very good at letting us know if she wakes up and needs to go. So it was nothing else for me to do than change the sheets and get her into some dry PJs. Later around 4 AM she needed to pee again, and I noticed she was very hot so I gave her some Children's Tylenol.

She usually bounces back incredibly fast, and you never really noticed during the day when she is sick. We will see how she feels tomorrow, but I will probably let her go to school. K has to get in early, so I will let her sleep as long as she wants, and then take her in. She says she doesn't want to go to school (like she has the last few times), but I know she always end up having a great time. Plus, it is good for both her and me that she gets out of the house a bit.

Take care.

Got back from drs visit

It was 100 % confirmed with that expensive $455 blood test that it is indeed Ulcerative Colitis and not Crohn's. After all these years. Oh well! I saw the gastroenterologist (Doctor P) as a follow up today. He said to expect to feel weird on this high dose of steroids, and I know what he means. It can sometimes be a little bit like PMS. Great, huh?

Anyway, he wants me started back on Remicade infusions ASAP. It will take a few weeks I am sure, since I have to order the Remicade from a special pharmacy and have it sent to me. At least I get to do the infusions at my rheumatologist's (Doctor K) office, which should be a lot less hassle than the hospital. Plus, I have a feeling he won't have me do all the extra steroids before, which adds at least an extra hours to the treatment. One time it took a total of 6 hours, blah!

The old doctor (Doctor M) also used to make me take Benadryl before leaving home, a double dose... For those of you who don't know what Benadryl is, well, it is an anti-histamine that makes you VERY sleepy. So the entire day I did Remicade treatments were pretty much lost. Hopefully I will be in and out in less than 3 hours this go around.

The old doctor didn't do the dosing correctly; you are suppose to repeat the initial infusion after 2 weeks, so called "loading" of the meds. He never did. He just let it go 8 or more weeks in between the infusions. So maybe that is why it never worked! I pointed it out to him, but he said this is how I do it... Hmmm... Consider the infusions cost way over $2,000 a pop, that was a lot of wasted money...

There is a risk of a severe allergic reaction when you have had a longer break in between treatments, so we will hope that does not happen... With mu luck, you never know...

Oh well! So Doctor K's office will call me with the appointment and then we will take it from there. I just want to feel better. Just. Want. To. Feel. Better.

Very fishy in deed!

I knew I was right to be suspicious of that request for interpreting services. I just got another one! Worded almost the exact same, except different name and language! It can't be just a randomly sent spam either, since there is too much precise information included. So some creep is out there writing me these e-mails... This is the latest:

Dear ***** ******
I will be needing an interpreter when i come over to Bradenton, FL for a board meeting with my bussiness partners.This will take a period of three weeks.And i will need translation from Slovak language into english language and will be meeting with them for 5hours everyday.Please will need to know the exact price and what it will cost.I hope to hear from you soon.
Yours faithfully.
****** *****.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sveriges Television

Thank you, Swedish TV, for giving me access to so many Swedish TV shows... It really is nice to be able to keep current on a few things. Great!

After dinner...

Oh I am so full! Too bad I only had room for half the food, I will have to save some for tomorrow!

It is almost 6 PM and the sun is strong as ever! One of the cool things about this area is the Sandhill Cranes. They hatched a while ago, and there is a family that stay close to here; mom, dad and baby. Very beautiful birds as you can see in the picture!


I have finished the job that I had to do, so I am contemplating if I should go and pick up dinner now or wait a bit. I didn't have any lunch, but i snacked on some baked pita chips, so I am not starving or anything. Either way i want to take the dogs for a long walk first.

We order a lot from Johnny Carino's Country Italian when we are at the office on the weekends. Their food is excellent and not too pricey, unlike Carrabba's Italian Grill.

Today we are both having the Lemon Pepper Salmon, "an 8-0z fillet of salmon marinated in Italian herbs, topped with sauteed artichoke hearts, Roma tomatoes, spinach 7 a white wine lemon sauce, served with Garlic Smashed Potatoes and Fresh Steamed Asparagus." YUM! S really like their pizza, which is actually really nice. At least she gets some tomato sauce, which ought to count for something I guess...

The sun is shining really strong outside, really beckoning me to go outside. The warm weather is nice; i am sure I will start complaining about it being too hot here soon!

K wants me to stop by Publix for some stuff, I think I will pick up a book or a magazine and just read the rest of teh afternoon after dinner. Heck, it is already 3:40 PM! The day goes by fast!


I am trying to get a hold of K, but he is out somewhere seeing a client. We are getting ready to head over to his office, I have some work to do too. I was suppose to bring some food, but I am so tired of eating there, I much rather go out and have a nice meal, but I know he most liekly won't have time for that... I don't even know what I am in the mood to eat today, just feel a bit off.

I will wait and see if I can get a hold of him here soon. Very nice day today!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Just after lunch...

Went up to Basil's Flame broiled Chicken for a chicken salad-in-pita bread-sandwich. They are a fast food place, but all the food is grilled, so much healthier. It is just around the corner, and when I want something in a pinch they are great. Maybe not the best menu, but at least healthy...

Well, I guess the house is as clean as I can get it rigth now. What really ruin things is the disgusting carpet... I have been waiting for years now to have the entire house tiled, but Ken always comes up with an excuse. Usually the $7,000 price tag... But it has to be done, the sooner the better. And he knows that.

It all started when I spent a few weeks in the hospital 2005. The dogs are used to having me here all the time, taking them out for regular walks. Well, when I was away they were left at home alone for very long hours. They just couldn't hold it that long,and they peed on a few spots near the back sliding doors. And since dog piss is virtually impossible to get out of the carpet and carpet pad, it has a nice, lingering aroma. I have had the carpet professionally cleaner several times, it just doesn't do it.

We both want to put new tile in the entire house. It should make it a bit cooler in eh summer too. It is very frustrating, and very embarrassing when we have people over. in fact, I don't invite people over too often just because of the carpet. i would love to have a few dinner parties, I have lots of plans! But it just will have to wait until the floors have been fixed. Ugh.

Tidying up a bit...

I was up kind of early, just after 8 this morning. I want to have time to bake a bread before lunch, since I don't have anything home to eat for lunch. Fresh bread sounds good to me! I made a 9 grain loaf the other day, but last night when I got home I noticed the dogs had gotten a hold of it, so no more bread. Damn mutts! Min Pins are very mischievous...

I better clean some more, still need to vacuum and mop before E gets here. I love having company over, that means I get off my ass and clean up a bit!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Have to clean now...

OK, just watched three episodes of "Big Love". E confirmed they are coming over for a play date tomorrow around 1-1:30 PM, that will be fun for the kids. Now I HAVE to vacuum...

I better go pick up some groceries before picking S up from school. It is easier for me since she sometimes is tired and hungry (that is: grumpy) after a whole day in school. It is just less stressful that way.

K will be home late as usual, so I was thinking about getting a lasagna and then he can heat some up when he gets back home.

I checked my weight this morning, and weirdly enough I had actually lost some more weight... Odd. Well, I am sure the weight will pack on here soon.

I need to get a tan before we leave for Sweden. Last time I went back, in 1998, I heard so much crap about being pale. "Aren't you suppose to be living in Florida?". Well, the truth is, the longer you live here, the more you stay out of the sun and heat I guess. Plus, with my skin and skin cancer scares I would be wise not to burn. I get checked for skin cancer every 6 months, and they always find something they have to cut out... Plus, since my mom was only 24 when she died from melanoma, I have a very high risk of contracting it myself...

But I really want a tan this time. I will take it slow so not to burn, I am already really wrinkled, so that is not too much of a concern. Besides, I think I would look a lot healthier with a tan, kind of mask my condition a bit. I will have a hard time hanging out at the beach, but I will try for S's sake. It is just that will all that diarrhea, well... I am thinking about getting a month pass to a tanning salon in May. Probably the easiest for me.

Better take the dogs out for a walk now and get ready to go and pick up S soon.

Over and out.

Vegging out

Last night K just brought home some Whoppers. The junior sized are perfect size for me and only cost $1!

I slept to 10:20 AM this morning after S and K took off. I haven't heard from
the UK yet, so I might you veg out today. I need to take a shower, then make "pyttipanna" with eggs and pickled beets, then maybe some TV. I have great shows recorded, plus several episodes of "Big Love" waiting...

Home insurance

I just e-mailed the home inspection report to the insurance agent, so I hope he can deliver. He didn't exactly sound super smart when I spoke to him before. I tried to be as detailed as possible, this is the body of the mail:

I spoke with you last week regarding our Home Owner's Insurance Policy. It is up for renewal on April 19, 2007, and since the premium has gone up so much from last year, we decided it was time to see if we qualify for a discount/discounts since we have made several premium hurricane protection upgrades to our home. The upgrades consist of:
  • New roof with Premium Owens Corning WeatherGuard® HP shingles meeting grade UL 2218, Class 4, (130 mph wind resistance)
  • New hurricane high grade panels for all windows made out of galvanized steel (except for the kitchen bay window where they are clear Lexan GE-material)
  • New hurricane 3-brace system for the garage door, made out of steel from Secure Door®, (185 mph wind resistance)
From our understanding, new laws require the insurance companies to provide discounts if the home has been rendered hurricane wind protected (up to 40 % of wind damage premiums, for instance).
We had the same home inspection company that inspected the house before we purchased it inspect again, as you suggested. His report can be found in the attached PDF-file. Please let us know as soon as possible if this is enough, and what will happen next. The premium is due soon, and we would like to get it taken care of.

He replied that he has forwarded the information to the company and we should here from them before April 10. We will see what happens, I guess!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nice neighbour!

Oh, the new neighbour stopped her car to say hi, but there were other cars coming so we couldn't talk long. She was very pretty! Apparently she works at home too, and her name was LaToya I think. I thought she was Hispanic, but now I am thinking she might be black. Very beautiful woman. They have three kids, and it looks like one of her boys are about Sarah's age, so maybe they can play together sometimes.


Just finished that last small job. I won't find out until tomorrow about the $540 job, since they are on UK time. If I get that it means I made $1,400 this week. Not too bad!

Linda came by for a while earlier, she had some pics from her son's place up north, she went up to see him and his girlfriend recently. S really missed L, so it was really nice to see her.

I haven't heard from E yet, so I don't know if we are having a play date on Friday or not. We will see, she is usually very slow in getting back to me via e-mail, especially now with the new baby and all...

Bidding on work

I am bidding on a 6,000 word medical report from Swedish into English. The end client has a budget of only $0.07 per word, and I had already offered a discount of 20 %, but they asked me to negotiate, and since I need the money I counter offered with my last offer at $0.09 per word. I am waiting to see if they can take it. It would be $540, so not too bad. It is due on Monday, so I would work over the weekend if need be. The agency is in the UK, and I heard they can be slow to pay, but translators seem to satisfied with them, so I will take my chances I think. Like I said; I need the money :-)!


I have one more page to do on one project, but when that is done I have made $815 this week. Not too shabby for just being Wednesday yet! I am so happy to see some more $$$ coming in, it is just too stresful to be a freelancer sometimes. You just don't know if you are going to make any money, there are no guarantees. Spring has tended to be slow every year, and then it usually picks up during summer. I would love a couple large, juice 50,000 word projects... That way I don't have to worry about being away in Sweden for 17 days this summer.

On April 8th it is Easter. Time really flies! As you can see on the pics above we went to the Annual Easter Day Egg Hunt last year, and we intend to do the same this year. S will love it! And we get to meet Peter Cottontail, Mr Easter Bunny himself. They roll him in on a Pirate Ship, pretty cool...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Such a busy day!

Man what a busy day!

I have gotten tons of work done, that feels great! I got several new projects as well, many of which I already sent off. I am going to take off now, since K wants me to pick up some payroll to drop off at one of his client's before I pick up S.

I am debating if I should get some groceries, but my stomach is in uproar so I am not so sure I want to be walking around in a store right now...

The inspector guy came by this morning, he said he will have the report done tomorrow morning, and then we will see what the insurance agent says about any discounts we might be eligible for.

I am just glad I have been able to make some money the last few days.

Better go, have to deposit some money as well.

See ya!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Weight tracker

By the way, I was thinking I was going to keep track on how much water weight I put on this time on Prednisone. That shit is baaad - I always blow up from it. So this morning I was 124.5 lbs - 56.5 kilos. I have a feeling that will start going up here soon with this mega dose of steroids they are feeding me, you wanna bet!?!

Worn out...

I am so tired, what a busy day! I got several new jobs, and I did one at K's office and took the opportunity to have lunch with him, I brought over some Grilled Stuffed Steak Burritos.

I also did tons of laundry today, then I got another job, which I am almost done with, then I got yet another new one that I will do tomorrow. I have to do the bulk of the large legal one tomorrow as well, and the house inspector will be here at 9:30 AM... Busy, busy, busy!

I am waiting for K to call any minute now, he is exhasuted as well, and he is going to pick up some Chicken Fajita Roll Up Sandwiches and Onion Petals from Applebee's. We should, after all, celebrate that it is 10 years since we met!

New episode of CSI Miami tonight, as well as the new cool series on FX, The Riches. At least something to watch for a change!

I am hungry!

Over and out...

Insurance woes

Why do insurance have to be so stressful? I had a Remicade infusion back on November 3, 2006. I am still receiving bills from the hospital, each one of course less and less friendly... All this due to United Healthcare thinking I have secondary insurance that should pay for this. ??? When I asked, they said maybe the treatment was due to an injury caused by someone else, and that their insurance should pay. ??? Remicade treatment! Finally they re-processed... I paid my deductible for last year way before this date, so it sure wasn't on me! I got another demand for payment from the hospital today, over $4,400... I looked online, and the insurance had cut them a check on March 6, so everything should finally be settled. But it wasn't easy to explain to the hospital that "the check is in the mail", she didn't quite sound like she believed me...!

Then we have the home owner's insurance. It increased 1.5 times since last year, to over $2,500 annually! We decided to spring for a $50 home inspection to confirm our three hurricane upgrades - new roof that can handle up to a category 3 (as compared to regular roof that can handle a category 1), hurricane shutters on the windows, and hurricane braces on the garage door. But of course, since K is so busy, it is all on me to arrange and execute. Very stressful! The payment is due soon, so I hope they have time to review our info and give us a discount. The insurance agent sounded like a dufus and I don't think he is really on our side... but what I understand we are entitled to up to 40 % off our wind damage insurance with these upgrades. We will see... I don't like stress...

Today it is exactly 10 years since we met!

I got a lot done this weekend. I did the first legal job on Saturday, it came out to be $244. I also started the other legal job, which is bigger and more difficult. I told the guy I won't have that ready until Thursday end of day, to give me some time. That way I have Tuesday and Thursday when S is in school. Should be just under $300, plus he said he had more jobs coming in the same case.

S brought in a ton of toys, and we kept them there Saturday and Sunday. I got Italian food at Johnny Carino's, which lasted us for two days. We took lots of walks with the dogs too. Nice weather but a little windy chill.

Yesterday was the big live announcement for who won the HGTV Dream Home, and even though I KNOW there was no chance in hell I would win, the little tiny I might got me to straighten up the house anyway. Which I figured is a great thing! So I woke up with a clean house this morning, but not a penny richer, unfortunately...

I am now going t watch Playa Del Sol, one of my Swedish shows. I guess today it will be more cleaning and laundry all day.

Oh, by the way, today it is exactly 10 years since K and I met in person for the very first time. We had talked over the Internet for a while before. The date 19th seem to be a red thread in our relationship... We met on March 19. I moved in with him July 19. We got married December 19. We signed the contract on our house on April 19. Cool!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Crazy dog!

Stan just almost died... S had two leftover turkey meatballs, huge! Bob and Stan got one each, and Stan, the glutton he is, gulped his down without chewing. Needless to say it got stuck! He tried for a while to get it down, and when he realized it was stuck and that he couldn't breathe he starting crying this very eerie sound. I tried to Heimlich him, but how do you really give Heimlich to a skinny little dog? Eventually after we all had panicked around he must have gotten it down, for all of a sudden he started to sniff around looking for more food... crazy dog!

I bought some extra water and juice today, in my new quest to stay away from caffeine and sweeteners. I really miss Coca Cola, especially since our fridge is full of it...

Tomorrow S and I will go into K's office. I have two larger jobs to work on, and I figured I will have a better chance to get something done if all of us go to the office. The extra CPA will not be in, so I can use that computer. I just need to bring a few things from home. M is working tomorrow, but I don't know if she is bringing her daughter in or not. That would be great if she did, since S would have someone to play with. I am going to bring in the DVD player and her dollhouse so she can stay busy. K wants to go for a nice dinner on the beach tomorrow at sunset, but I heard it is going to be a bit chilly tomorrow, only a high of 70 (20). Plus he is so stressed, so it would be better to go someplace closer. We will see! Today it has rained like crazy, but we really needed that.

S and I had lunch at Dairy Queen, it was actually really cosy! After that we went grocery shopping at SweetBay, they have really good bread. I also got some healthy bread mixes for the bread machine (I love cooking, and I can bake cakes and such, but without the bread machine I would not have much luck in trying to make bread, I love that machine!)

I got a call from L, I guess she is finally back. She has been away for a while now. I guess she will be home until the 25th, so we should get a chance to hang out.

The jobs I have to do this weekend are both legal, something I really don't like to do, but I am strapped for cash, so... One is into English, a verdict, and the other is from an old client, an attorney here in Florida. That one is a Complaint and a Lis Pendens. He said he will have a Summons for me on Monday as well.

Well, S and I am going to take a shower now. We had an early dinner since K stopped by at 5 PM (shrimp, pasta shells, broccoli and cauliflower in lemon sauce).

Take care!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cool 80s!

I am going to try and cut out caffeine and artificial sweeteners... farewell my beloved Diet Coke! farewell my dear companion sugar free gum! If it can help me have less diarrhea it is worth it... No more tea either! Gulp...

I was sent this cool pic from the 80s. It is from the left my aunt L, cousin M, cousin L cousin N and me. How stylish we were! Probably taken around mid 80s, when I was about 11 -13. Cool!

It is finally done with...

OK. So the colonoscopy is over. We got there at 6 AM sharp and I got registered and soon taken to a bed. I was the first patient of the day, which was nice. The nurse did her thing, hooked up the IV and so forth.

Two other patients soon joined me in adjacent beds. I was the only veteran with my 8th scope! The anesthesiologist came and did his thing, and then just after 7 AM I was rolled into the procedure room. They have you lay on your side and as soon as they inject the anesthesia (milk of "amnesia" since you won't remember anything) you are out.

The next thing I am waking up back outside in my bed again. The doctor came by and told me my colon basically had no lining, it was all really bad. No wonder I have so much diarrhea! He also told me I most certainly have Ulcerative Colitis rather than Crohn's! They are very similar, and early on they did always say I had UC. For some reason it was later on changed to Crohn's, and that is what it has been called ever since. If anything UC might be the better disease to have...

He decided to put me on a mega dose of Prednisone, 40 mg a day. That is double the dose they had me on last year! He said we need to do this for a few weeks/months to get the inflammation under control. This will most likely bloat me up like the Michelin man, but it has to be done. Steroids are never fun to be on!

He will see me in his office in about a week. He also mention maybe trying something like Remicade again, this time in correct dosing. So hopefully I should be feeling a bit better come summer...

He told me to stay away from fiber, eat rice, potatoes, eggs and caffeine. Eat lots of protein! I don't drink coffee, but I do like tea and Coca Cola. Especially when I work I like to load up with Diet Coke. We will see how that goes...

After I was done I had to come with K to his office so he could start the server for the others, he also had to see a client real fast. We then dropped off S at school, she wasn't very happy about that at all (though she had a great time, as always! One of the kids had a birthday party, and they got cupcakes and goody bags).

Then K had to drop of payroll at one of his clients. I still had residual pain and gas (they fill you up with gas so they can see better during the procedure). I was trying to relax, but K was driving like a mad man since he was stressing to get back to work. I didn't make it! Luckily my colon was empty, so it was an odourless watery mess that came out. I just sat on Kens sweatshirt so I wouldn't get it on the car seat. We also picked up a breakfast bagel at McDonald's for me, since I was starving.

After he dropped me off at home I just watched some TV and then took a nice nap, and then watch some more TV. K dropped S off here after having picked up my RXs. And here we are now.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


It is not going too well... I am only on my third glass (out of 8), and I was suppose to drink a glass every 10 minutes. Well, it is almost 5 PM and I am at a standstill. The shit is just so nasty, it is unbearable to drink. Nasty! I had the same problem last time, but even though I never finished the prep, I did OK. I think because I already have so much diarrhea, I was already kind of empty. Food just go right through me anyway...

This really sucks!

Just watch "The Holiday" with Cameron Diaz, it was OK, just needed something to distract me I guess. I started to watch the HBO series "Big Love" last night, it was kind of good actually. About a polygamist in Utah and his three wives (they have a house each but share the same back yard). No way I would like that arrangement, either as the husband OR wife... Too much stress with just ONE spouse!

Prepping before the YUCK!

We just got back from Publix. I got some ice pops (are allowed to eat those) and some beef broth that looked decent. Yummo! I just made the picky eater Sarah her lunch, she got peanut butter an dfruit sandwich, grapes and some bacon with milk chocolate. Odd combination perhaps, but you gotta work with what you can, and with her the options are limited... The bacon smells soooo good!

I took the 4 laxative tablets, so now we are just waiting for the first "eruption" so I can start drinking the yucko mix... I am heating up some chicken "soup" fo rme now. I am so hungry.

We spent some time outside playing this morning, but it was kind of cold. It is very overcast and windy, though the temperature shows 74 degrees (23 C). The "no see ums" (very bad biting little critters) were very active too. Not that great!

Yuck day!

Hmmm... I tried to sleep as long as I could this morning, since I am not allowed to eat anything except liquids today. I have to start the torture of the prep at noon. I managed to stay under the covers until 10 AM at least. I am already really hungry!

At noon I am suppose to take these 4 super duper laxative pills, and as soon as I start running to the bathroom from that (usually pretty soon0 you are suppose to drink a glass of that disgusting crap every 10 minutes, until all 2 liters are gone. And no sipping! It all has to be chugged fast... NASTY! It really taste like plastic saltwater. They have tried to make it better, it is just 2 liters now compared to the old 4, and they give you little flavor packs, so you can choose to have either cherry, lime or orange flavored plastic saltwater... Oh how nice!

Last night K came home at 8 PM. I made Pasta Caprese, which is one of the few vegetarian dishes we both enjoy. Here is the recepie:

One glob of nice mozzarella cheese
About 4 plum tomatoes
3 table spoons good olive oil
a splash of red vine vinegar
1 clove of garlic
Bunch of fresh basil
Lots of freshly ground black pepper
Salt to taste
Spaghetti or other pasta (whole grain is good for this)

I just chop the tomatoes really fine, same with the garlic. Mix with olive oil and vinegar, salt and pepper. Chopped the mozzarella into small bite size pieces, chop the basil.

Let these ingredients marinate in room temperature for about an hour. Add hot, freshly cooked noodles (with a bit of cooking water still clinging to them), stir and add more salt and pepper to taste. The heat makes the mozzarella melt slightly. Yummy and light!

Over and out for now.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Afternoon, hanging out

I just got home from picking up S. She is drawing rigth now, but she only had a few crackers for lunch, so I bet she is really hungry. I am going to make her a healthy smoothie.

They still haven't posted the new episode of "Höök" that aired eariler today. They usually have it up by now... I really want to see this one, bastards!

Better go and get S fed now.



I just got a "job offer" from some guy. This is what it said:

Dear **** *****,
I will be needing an interpreter when i come over to Bradenton, FL for a board meeting with my bussiness partners.This will take a period of three weeks.And i will need translation from Swedish language into english language and will be meeting with them for 5hours everyday.Please will need to know the exact price and what it will cost.I hope to hear from you soon.
Yours faithfully.
***** ********.... .

Gimme a break! That sounds way too fishy... First of all, the majority of Swedes speak decent English, and why would there be a board meeting for 5 hours a day for 3 weeks? Plus, his e-mail don't seem very professional looking, and no contact information except his name. And he used an anonoums Yahoo address. Like I said, very fishy...

I informed him that unfortunately I do not offer interperting services (which is true), and that I woul dbe happy to translate any documents he might have (which of course will be done over the Internet). I don't know what he is after, but I got my eye out for him!

Went to Publix to get some groceries, had to get something to "eat" for tomorrow. You are only allowed broth and clear drinks during the colon prep, and I hate broth. But a while back I discovered I can use Campbell's Classic Chicken Noodle Soups, sans the noodles. Voila! Edible broth... I also got some low sugar apple-white grape juice for good measure.

Got a half Ultimate Boars Head sub for lunch. I also got a Lotto quick pick for the next 10 drawings. "If you're not in it, you can't win it"... I am so broke... I hope K can pay day care on Thursday. He is going to have to drop off and pick up S any way, since I can't drive for 24 hours after the colonoscopy. Sigh!

Beautiful outside!

It is painfully beautiful outside! The weather is just perfect for walking right now. I just came back from a walk around the neighbourhood with the dogs. It is such a shame I have to worry about my stomach the entire time...

Oh lordy, I wish I could snap out of all this bad crap. I just want to feel healthy again, and I really could use some money. Who knows, maybe my luck will turn for the better soon... Maybe I can catch a break and win the lottery or the HGTV Dream Home 2007. It sure would be nice...

We all know it aint gonna happen, but I have to dream about something so not to go mad! Right?

K is pretty burned out, he came home laaate last night, and this morning you could tell he was exhasuted. He said something about being home early tonight, well that can mean anything. Wait, I will IM him and ask... He said he isn't sure yet, but it would be for health reasons to rest a bit. I think he needs to come home, eat and go to BED. He always insists on sleeping on the couch. It is just a pain, since I usually have a hard time getting him to go to bed later. He will get much bette rrest in bed...

Tonight there is another episode of LOST. I don't know about that series, they have gone a little too deep in mystery, and people are getting restless and impatient. Another series I like bette rnow is HEROES. Great mystery, but they pull you along in the plot, they don't drag around in circles. But they, as many other shows rigth now, are on break until after Easter. Bummer!

I love my DVR; that is one piece of equipment that makes life easier! I can just set it to record any show I want, and it keeps up on all new episodes! Plus, if I ever need to take a run to the bathroom in the middle of some show, I can pause live TV. Awesome! Plus, I never have to stay up late to watch stuff that is way past my bedtime. I'll just record it and watch later. And I can fast forward though all commercials... Plus we got an extra 150 channels or so after the upgrade to digital TV.

Next step will be to buy a new HDTV, but our old TV (probably over 15 years old) still works fine. Our plan is to get a new, bigger HDTV in 2009 when the analog TV net is shut off and all go digital. We will see...

Expensive being sick!

Took care of S this morning, and after they left for school right before 8, I went back to bed. I was so tired after a horrible night of getting up all the time. I slept to almost 10 when the phone rudly awakend me. It didn't catch it in time, but the answering machine got it. It was from Intercoastal Medical Group regarding the colonoscopy. Just for my information, they will collect $522 towards my deductible. Whoho! I seem to fulfil my $2850 deductible a little too easily every year so far...

Monday, March 12, 2007


S is getting big fast! She is such a cutie...

Stomach ace

Yuck, that food sits like a blob in my gut... Nut great at all... I am so tired of all this hit. I can't wait for April 15 to be over with. That is, if you didn't know, the offical end of tax season, usually the time when we get K back.

We both agreed yesterday we will do what we did last year: every weekend we will do a fun outing of some sort for an entire day. Last year we visited Egmont Key, went to some amusement parks, and so on.

I think we should try to get tickets for Disney on Ice in May, S would love that!

I wouldn't mind camping, but with my stomach like it is, it would have to be in a cabin in that case. We rented a cabin last May in the Myakka River State Park, it was way too hot, and very primitive. Maybe next time I can find something less "rustic". They usually don't allow dogs, but it would be pretty easy to sneak them in. Plus, we gotta have AC... And our own bathroom! It is hard to rought it when you have Crohn's.

The last time we went camping before that was way up in the panhandle, a 9 hour drive from here. It was very hot, we slept in our tent. Plus, it might have been a very beautiful beach front camp site, but it wasn't worth the long drive to get there. There were barley anything up there!

And of course, shortly after I realized I had a severe blood clot in my left leg, which could have been brought on by sitting for so long (I did however have surgery just before too). I have had problems with clots ever since now... One more thing to add to my "suck list"...

Over and out.

Swedish TV

I am going crazy trying to figure out this Swedish TV thing. I can get one of the shows to stream if I use Windows Media Player, but the screen turns green and upside down, or it gets all fucked up or just buffers all the time. I really want to see this last episode, to see how things goes. Arghhh!

I am cooking some premium hot dogs and Tater Tots for me and S. K gets home so late it really hurts my stomach if I have to wait for him to have dinner. Plus, it isn't that much fun to cook by myself. I remember my single days, cooking wasn't really high on the list. Now, I love to cook, but only when I have someone appreciative to share it with. I think one of my favourits to cook (and eat) is Thai food. I like healthier fare, nothing deep fried.

See you!

Bored stiff!

I am sooo bored! I wish something fun could happen soon. All I have to look forward to is a freaking colonoscopy on Thursday, GREAT! I will be spending Wednesday being hungry and doing the stupid colon prep. NOT FUN! I am soooooooooooooo booooooooooooooored!

After lunch

This whole time thing has me off balance today. We just finished lunch and it is almost 2 PM! But it feels like 1 PM... I am waiting for them to post another show that I watch on Swedish TV, they better not mess that one up too... It is usually available shortly after it has aired, so we will see. Not getting much done today, cleared out some trash in the kitchen and got a loas of laundry started. It might be easier to get some cleaning done tomorrow when S is in school, but I am intending to do a little more today. I sure hope I get a large job soon, or at least a few semi large once. It will be tight with money here soon otherwise. Sure, K can chip in, but I rather pull my own weight. I have only $900 in receiveables as of now. I would feel much better if it was at least a couple of thousand. My bills usually equal around $500 a month, plus $80 a week for daycare, plus whatever we spend on groceries, usually $100 a week. So as you can see, it will be very tight...

I hate being low on money, it stresses me out infinitly. Which of course, makes me sicker healthwise, which in its way makes it harder for me to work... An evil circle!


Keep your fingers crossed, I just bid on a large translation job! It is too big for person, 71,000 words in 12 days, but hopefully I can get a slice of it... The agency is in Germany and the bidding doesn't end for a couple of days, so we will see...

I am not sure why, but the US decided to do Daylight Savings early this year. It messes up my time, now Sweden is only 5 hours ahead!


Very irritating... I am trying to watch one of the series I am following on Swedish TV. A lot of their shows are available on the Internet immediately after they broadcast in Sweden, which is great for me! I love being able to follow a few shows, watch the news etc.

But for some reason I can't get the show link to work. Grumble! I really was looking forward to it!

I am supposed to clean the house today, I really need to. I guess I just need to get my feet going. I am just having a very hard time being motivated nowadays, plus I am so tired all the time.

I had a wonderful dream this morning, I was about to get it on... when Sarah yelled she had to go potty! Not much luck getting the dream back after that! Oh well...

Sunday, March 11, 2007


We are right now at K's office. He went in really early - but missed one hour since we missed the several weeks early occuring Daylight Savings Time.

He came back home after noon and started to put up the last two hurricane shutters. I moved the side of the front lawn, I couldn't do all since he was stacking teh shutters on the lawn.

As usual when he can't find something he gets pissed at me - this time it was apaprently a box with screws that were missing. I was very careful when I moved all the shutter stuff a few months ago, since I now how pissy he can get. He will be like that until he find the missing whatever, and then it will be just fine. I really don't appreciate the hostile attitude he get when these things happen, that is so messed up!

S hung out with him and "helped". I took the opportunity to finish the book I got yesterday. Really good! I just can't put a book down when I get started, I finished the 500 pages within 24 hours!

S and I went up to Publix and got some groceries, and went by Ming Tong Chinese restaurant and picked up some garlic chicken.

After a quick shower K wolfed down his food and took off. We decided to join him at the office again so we can get a chance to see him, I also wanted to clean a bit.

K FINALLY fixed the headlights on his car, so now we don't have to worry about being home before the sun is setting, and I can have my own car back... Thank God! All these weeks and weeks with this stupid car thing, it probably took him less than 5 minutes to fix... i would have done it, I just couldn't get the covers opened.

I can't wait for the tax season is over, I need to have some fun. It really doesn't feel like I have a husband right now, he is so wrapped up in work. I come waaay down on the scale of importance at the moment, not fun.

It doesen't help of course that I am sick either. I think I would actually feel better both physically and mentally if he took some more interest in me. Just a little romance. The few times he does try to have sex he just don't take the time to give me the foreplay I so desperatly need. Oh well...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday night

Just got back from hanging out at K's office for almost 6 hours - turned out to be pretty good! I brought lunch over and we ate. M had her daughter with her, she is about 2 years older than S. They played the entire time and had fun. We also went for 4 walks with the dogs.

After lunch i went up to Walgreen's and bought myself a book - which I enjoyed for a few hours. Nice and realxing!

I am now going to fix S some dinner, water the plants and take in the mail. Then, if there is time, I will pop S in a bath, she got kind of dirty from all the playing.

I might even get a few hours to myself reading tonight before K gets home, depending how fast S goes to sleep - I have a feeling she will sleep good!

Tomorrow K will go into the office really early and we will joing home for lunch - I am going to bring in Rosemary Lemon Chicken from Johnny Carino's - great country Italian food! Then we will get home around 3 PM so K can install the hurricane shutters that are left. I might mow in the front yard if i have the energy...

Over and out...

Bad info...

K really didn't keep me well informed, apparently both his employees are going to be in the office today. He still wants us to come over with lunch and go for a walk, but no dogs... Bummer!

Tomorrow K will be home for a few hours during the day, he has to install the last hurricane shutters, since we are having the house inspected on Tuesday. By establishing that we have upgraded our roof, got hurricane shutters and hurricane braces on the garage door, we should be able to get a discount on our home owner's insurance. The premium went up 1.5 times! Yikes!


The plans today are to get lunch (I am thinking subs) and head over to K's office for an impromptu picnic. We have been trying to hang out at his office on the weekends a bit, since he works so much, and this gives us a chance to see him. He still works, but we can usually have lunch and talk a little bit. I try to help out by cleaning or straightening up a little here and there, they are all so busy... His fulltime employee M is suppose to clean, but they are absolutley swamped this time of the year, so I am happy to help.

I am going to bring Bob and Stan, that way we can go for a couple of nice walks too. K's office is brand new and in an area where everything is brand new. It is great on the weekends, since all the other businesses around there are pretty much deserted, and we can roam around undisturbed. There are no residential areas nearby, just professional offices and also, across the street, Manatee Coumminity College has their new Technical Institute.

I am going to bring a large blanket so we can sit outside, it is bound to be a beautiful day!

I am debating if I should go up to the Publix supermarket to get some fresh bread, the stuff we have is 6 days old. I think it is still good, I have to check. S is a VERY picky eater, so I am just going to make her a peanut butter and fruit sandwich. I use organic all natural PB and 100 % fruit spread, so to keep it as healthy as possible.

Well, I guess I should get into the shower, it is already after 10 AM.

See ya!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Back from a walk

I just came back from a nice long walk with S and the dogs. It is just after 5 PM and 75 degrees (24 C). I normally dread walking nowadays, since I am not sure if I will make it or not, as in shit my pants, quite frankly... I can get a stomach attack at the most dreadful times. Sometimes I just can't control it and when you gotta go you gotta go...

Luckily this time it went great. It was so nice out! We saw a couple of storks heading home to their nest for the night, there tend to be a lot of storks around here this time of the year. I think they couple up for life, very beautiful birds!

We also watered the plants out front, you can see some of them in the photo up on the left.

I feel so bad for the corn snake we first saw a few days ago. I figured he might be sick, he just wasn't so alert. This morning we found him dead at the foot of one of our queen palms... As you can see in the photo from when he was alive, he was quite a handsome fella! I think something might have been wrong with his bottom jaw; it looked a bit croocked to me... Who knows... He is gone now.

I am now going to clean the kitchen, oh wonderful thing! Since K is a CPA with his own firm, we barely see him at all this time of the year. He works 7 days a week and often come home after 10 PM. So it is pretty much like being a single mom... Which is tough when you are not feeling well...

Take care!



I have attempted blogging here and there over the years, but I think I need a fresh start... So here it is!

I won't backtrack too much, I will just start from now and the blanks will be filled in along they way...

I am from Sweden, the island of Gotland to be more exact. I moved to Bradenton, Florida in August 1996. I was suppose to stay 9 months, but I stumbled on my now husband K and ended up going back to Sweden, getting a student VISA and coming back to Florida.

We got married on December 19, 1998. I guess it worked out pretty good between us! We had our daughter S on May 8, 2003. We also have the miniature pinschers Bob and Stan, born 2000.

We moved into our first house that we bought in April 2004.

OK, that is it for background for now...

Currently I am pissed off, tired and kind of depressed... I have been a sickly one for 20 years now (I am 33). I used to do pretty good, but the last 3 years I have been fighting to get back on track. I have lupus (SLE) and Crohn's, among other things. Crohn's is the thing that is messing with me rigth now. It has been hell. I have to run to the bathroom all the time, especially over night. I have no energy for anything. It sucks!

I just got a new gastro doctor, and he is doing a new colonoscopy on Thursday next week, then we will take it form there. He give sme a lot more confidence than the old one, so I hope he can step up to the plate for me. I have tried pretty much all treatments ove rthe years, but nothing seems to work anymore. very depressing!

S is almost 4 now, I really would like to be myself so I can have fun with her, she is such a good little girl! I do tend to have a very positive outlook on life, but this has really been trying on me.

I have also had a very hard time working (I am a translator and work in my own company from home).

The one thing that feels fun is that I have booked and payed for a trip for all of us thsi summer. We ar efinally going to Sweden! I haven't been back since summer of -98, and most my friends and family have not met K or S. it is going to be 17 days of fun!

Oh well.

Talk to you soon.