Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have been calling my dermatologist's office since they opened, but the nurses haev been busy so I have only gotten their voice mail. I must have sounded more and more desperate! Finally, 6 minutes before they close they called.

It was the least serious. A dysplastic nevus that wasn't completely removed, so I have to get a larger chunk sliced off. This usually require a bit longer recovery, but I was able to set the appointment for July 9, so I can enjoy my sister's visit (they leave June 30) without having to deal with a large wound.

So relieved! They really freaked me out... Dysplastic nevus are not a Melanoma guarantee, but in a case like me, who has what is called atypical moles (aka TONS of moles), plus a mother who died from Melanoma as well as me having had Basal Cell Carcinoma, plus all the steroids and my compromised immune system, well, lets just say I am of particularly high risk to get Melanoma...

But great news!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Normally when I go to my dermatologist (twice a year) they see something they don't like, and they slice it off. It often turns out to be dysplastic nevis, something that can easily turn into Melanoma.

They only call you if there is a problem, otherwise you can log on to a web site and see the results. When Sarah and I got home this afternoon there was a message from the doctor to call their office immediately. No further information was given. Shit! And of course they are closed now and I won't be able to call until tomorrow. When I logged on to the web site there was no info there.

This probably means one of two things. It was dysplastic, and they didn't quite get it all so I need to come back and slice some more off. But this is not a big deal, and they usually leave this kind of info on the machine or online. Or, the second possible reason for this phone message is that it is the big M this time...

So now I will be on pins and needles until they reopen tomorrow! I hate not knowing! So lets all hope for the first option, even though I really don't want a huge scar on my leg, it is a much better option than the second one...

Under this bandage is the possible time bomb. I sure hope it is not Melanoma...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yesterday when Sarah and I was by our selves we decided to go out and have ice cream somewhere, but when we sat in Ken's car (he took mine) it wouldn't start! It seemed like the battery was dead. So instead we walked up to a nearby restaurant and had a nice leisurely lunch instead. It was great walking home after eating as well, we have a short cut road in the back of our subdivision where there is no motor traffic, and it is pretty nice to walk there.

This morning, since the car needs a new battery anyway, it was up to me to call our roadside assistance and have the car towed to the repair shop that we used. It is just up the road, so I just walked back home. They will call when it is ready for pickup, and I will then take the dogs so they get an extra walk too. It is hot, but we have a nice breeze today, so we will be fine. I really don't like walking so close to a state road, since it is densely trafficked, but there is a huge ditch in between us and the road, so we will be fine. Half of the way has a walkway, but I always feel weird, knowing people are looking at me and wondering what kind of bum I am, walking along the road.

Nobody WALKS here, only if you are desperate! I have actually been stopped before, with concerned drivers wondering if I was in need of a ride or needed to borrow a cell phone or something. Come on! It is a 10 minute to walk, it is not THAT big of a deal, people!

Anyway, I am also having the mechanics fix an electrical problem with Ken's AC. It works, but only on the highest setting, which is extremely annoying. So that will be nice to have fixed before the summer heat really starts to settle in. I like the AC, in fact, it is a must for me, often driving with a kid and two dogs in the car, but the highest setting is just a wee bit of an overkill I think...

Shark teeth and fun in the sun

I hope you all had a nice 3-day Memorial Weekend! It is now unofficially summer here!

We started Saturday out by having our old friends over for a BBQ. We actually met 8 years ago when I was walking our then only dog Bob. They had just gotten a puppy too, so we started to chat, and since then we have been very good friends. I think one of the reason we get along so well (me and the wife, S) is that she is not a native of this country. She was born in China and raised in Vietnam until she was 18. She is so open minded and great to have all kinds of discussions with! Her husband, J, is originally from Hong Kong. Their two daughters are 3 and 4 and just so adorable. We had a really nice time catching up on things.

Since Ken had to be at the office all of Memorial Day (Monday), we decided to have our holiday on Sunday instead. We left early and took off for Venice Beach. Venice is just about 45-50 minutes south of us, and its beaches are known to be the shark tooth capital of the world. Here you can fairly easy find all kinds of fossilized shark teeth.

The Gulf of Mexico was so perfect at just under 83F degrees (28C). We just floated around in the waves for hours, taking turns using a special shark tooth scooper that helps you sift through the sand and shells. Sarah loved it!

We took a break for lunch at the very cool, old fashioned beach cafe, they had awesome burgers there! We also took a drive down south to the more deserted Caspersen Beach, but we didn't have much luck there. This is a picture of an actual fossilized shark tooth we got at Venice Beach! We are pretty sure it must have come from a prehistoric Lemon Shark.

We are definitively going back next weekend, we have just gotten a taste of the shark teeth world! Imagine finding a Megalodon tooth? They are rare, but they do show up once in a whileMegalodons were thought to have been 16 meters long! You can see in this picture how horrendously gigantic they were compared to a modern day Great White's teeth. I wouldn't want to meet one of these creatures. There are some scientists that believe they might still exist in deep waters...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

It looks like the clog is mostly dissolved, and last night I celebrated by making grilled salmon with olive oil, garlic and lemon, with sauce made out of Greek yogurt with fresh tarragon and lemon, and tomatoes and red onions marinaded with olive oil and lemon. Yummy! For dessert we had lots of fresh cherries, they are just starting to come into season.

As many other bloggers have mentioned, berries overall are really coming into season now, and the fridge is full of huge, juicy blueberries, scrumptious strawberries and blackberries. Soon an abundance of other fruits will be following. It is not like we don't have these fruits and berries during the winter, but then the produce is to a large part flown in from far away.

Today I have a few projects to take care of for work before picking Sarah up from school at 11:30. Sarah has her annual check up at her pediatrician today at 2:30 PM, and since she will be starting Kindergarten this fall there will unfortunately for her be a LOT of shots required today. We talked about the shots, so she is prepared. She knows it will hurt and sting a bit, and that it is OK to cry. I promised to hold her hand during the shots, and then take her out for ice cream afterward. Then it is cleaning time! We are having another dinner party tomorrow night, so I would like to clean up today so I can have a somewhat relaxing day tomorrow.

On Monday it is Memorial Day, so this is a 3-day weekend. Unofficially this weekend signals the start of summer, and it is common to BBQ and hang out. The weather looks like it will stay intermittently rainy, so I am not sure if our Sunday beach plans will work out. But we were thinking about going to Venice Beach, which is way south of us. They are the shark tooth capital of the world, with the highest density of fossilized shark teeth on the beach. So even if it is rainy we can still go shark teeth hunting! We also wanted to fit in some mini golf for Sarah. Should be fun!

Fossilized shark teeth

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Difficulty eating ;-)

Since my stomach is still all clogged up, I haven't been able to eat much. But finally I just couldn't stand being hungry any more, so I made some chicken Lo Mein. But it was kind of hard to eat it, if you see what I mean...

Done deal

The more I read about microdermabrasion and skin cancer prevention, the more convinced I am this might be a good idea. And frankly, I think I deserve a little bit of pampering. I get a haircut every 6 months, that is it, so why not! I have an appointment for June 4 for a microdermabrasion followed by a calming facial. I will get the package of 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks a part, to really reap the benefits. I heard this DiamondTome is a lot better than the old fashioned version where they use crystals, no particles that can be breathed in, get in your eyes or on your clothes!

This is pretty exciting! I have never done anything like this before. I think I will throw in a teeth whitening session when I have my teeth cleaned that same week as well... They have a deal where you pay a one time fee of $99 and can get free touch ups for life if you have your teeth cleaned twice a year. And since we are getting dental insurance, cleanings and checks ups will be free anyway!

I did home improvements, now I am moving on to self improvements! Ha ha!

Skin upgrade?

I just came from my dermatologist's office. Since my mom died of Melanoma when she was 24, and I have already had basal cell carcinoma, I am at a very high risk of developing melanoma myself.

Therefore I have skin checks every 6 months, and they ALWAYS find at least one mole (I have tons!) that is sliced off and turns out to be at least dysplastic (precancerous). But I much rather have lots of little scars than being dead, of course.

I have pretty dry skin, especially now when my water uptake is severely hindered by the fact of not having a colon. I have lots of little lines and wrinkles, probably more than the average for a woman 34 years of age. I think some are genetic, since my grandmother is a bit of a "leather face".

I don't think I could ever have plastic surgery, but I have long been interested in doing something about my skin, such as microdermabrasions, facials and professional chemical peels.

Since it has been proven that microdermabrasion actually can remove damage that could become cancerous, it would just not be for vanity. My dermatologist gave me a 25 % off certificate. So I am really interested in trying at least a facial and a microdermabrasion. A facial runs $95-150 and a microdermabrasion $125-145. They use DiamondTome, a diamond wand , rather than the old fashion powder. Since these procedures would be done at my dermatologist's office, I can use my health savings account to pay for this treatments.

What do you think? Have anyone had a microdermabrasion? Or chemical peels? I have had a facial before, and that would be more pampering than for necessity. They use Kinerase products, which I have only tried a little bit before, but they are suppose to be good.

I have a little bit more confidence going to my doctor's office than some run of the mill "spa"...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Having some stomach problems...again.

Yesterday afternoon when I went to pick up Sarah in school I noticed it hurt really bad in the middle of my stomach. I figured it might be some kind of heart burn (I should know better by now!), so I took an anti-heartburn (halsbränna) medication. But after we got back home it got a bit worse and I could here lots of weird gurgling in there. Then I realized it was a serious clog that was forming. I can tell the difference between a clog that is just irritating and something that can turn more serious, and the more serious kind feels like fire. I am trying to be very careful and not eat too much and drink lots of tea and water.

A clog that is serious require medical care, and the symptom that is the signal that I need to take off to the ER is vomiting, and I am trying to avoid that. Same stuff going on today, so I will just eat very sparsely and drink lots of fluids and hope for the best. A stop in my intestine is not on my list of things to do right now. But I feel pretty confident I can handle it. I am just so freaking hungry! Oh well, just part of my new life, so no big deal.

No more rain today, but lots of gray clouds. Take care!


I was just sitting here and thinking about all the people that all of a sudden seem to be pregnant. I was reminiscing back to when I was pregnant myself. I got pregnant on our second try in April 2002, but had a miscarriage in the 6th week, and we were very eager to get pregnant as soon as possible, since I could only stay off my medications for so long. The pregnancy was supposedly going to produce enough natural steroids so I would be OK (and it did!), but until I was actually pregnant again I could still get sick. So we didn't wait the 3 months the doctor said, I got pregnant as soon as we tried only one cycle after the miscarriage. I new exactly what day and everything, early in September 2002, since I was using ovulation tests and was very in tune with my body back then.

The second time I was a bit more careful in getting all excited, which I think is pretty natural just having gone though a miscarriage. I was thinking of how I told Ken we were pregnant again, and I still have the e-mail I sent him. This is the picture it contained:

I would like to think I will have more children in the future, but as it is now it just isn't in the cards. My health would have to be more stable, and not to forget the enormous cost of a second child. You don't get any kind of monetary help in this country, and I would not get any kind of maternity leave due to being self employed...

How did you tell your significant others you were pregnant?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rainy day

Sunday turned out to be a very cloudy day with a few sprinkles. Instead of Siesta Beach we went to a beach called Turtle Beach, on the south end of the island of Siesta. It has more shells, and since it was a perfect day for it, we went shelling instead.

Today the sky has opened and we are getting some long awaited rain. Florida is very dry and brush fires have become a problem all over the state. I even saw a mini one teh other day, just up the road!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I am amazed how the new floors have really transformed the entire house. It is so easy to keep it clean now! Finally I don't have to feel embarrassed to have people over...

We are having a dinner party tonight, as well as another one next Saturday! I love to entertain, but it hasn't really been a possibility with the disgusting old floors, not that our friends minded, but I did!

I am grilling some marinaded pork tenderloin as kebabs (grillspett), and serving that with some Swedish potato casserole (potatisgratäng), a nice, crisp green salad and some yogurt sauce with garlic and pepper on the side. For dessert it is Swedish blueberry crumble pie (smulpaj), hot, with vanilla ice cream. Yummy!

Tomorrow the beach is calling! I am thinking about packing the family up and going down to Siesta Beach on Siesta Key. It was actually voted best beach overall in 2004 of ALL beaches in the US, so you can imagine it is pretty awesome... The sand is just like baby powder, soft and white. And the water is an amazing turquoise. Last time we were there we actually saw an entire school of dolphins just a few feet away. Amazing!

Siesta Beach

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Min kära moster har varit på något som jag aldrig hört talas om förut, det årliga utsläppet av kor på grönbete. Jag menar, visst visste jag att kor släpps på grönbete, men att det var ett jippo hade jag ingen aningen om! Vilken kul grej! Kolla in kort på: mosters hemsida.

Man kan riktigt känna vårglädjen!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Video tour of our home

OK, here is finally the video tour I promised after the new floors were done. I skipped the master bathroom, since it is a complete mess right now. Welcome to take a look at our home!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

TV time

Tonight I am picking up my new TV if all goes well. My nice 47 inches of Philip's goodness.

It has been so busy lately, but I am going to finally shoot the "after" video around here tomorrow, and at the same time give you a glimpse of how we live.

See you then!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Outing

Blogger doesn't seem to want me to move my pictures around today, so they are out of order. We had a very nice Mother's Day morning. First we went to one of our favorite places for breakfast, then we did a little bit of fishing, to try out Sarah's new fishing rod, then we took a gamble and went down one of the many little dead ends on the north end of Anna Maria Island. We ended up at a very nice little beach access.

We parked next to a huge old banyan tree, and then we hiked down a very jungle like trail, where we finally were rewarded with a beautiful beach! It was very windy today, as you can see in the pictures, it almost leaves a misty haze in the air, all that ocean water being whipped up. Sarah took a dip in the water and we also flew a kite, but it was almost a bit too windy for that!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there!

Sarah getting ready to try out her new big kid fishing rod

A great huge banyan tree near the beach

Hiking through the "jungle" down to the beach

The beach!

The wind created a hazy mist from the ocean

Sarah and I waiting for our table at the Rod & Reel restaurant

The view from our table

More of the view

My breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries, toast and a cup of fruit

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sarah's Birthday Party

Mickey Mouse and the kids

We had such a great time! Since it is so hot here now it was a really good idea to have the party starting at 10 in the morning. We had a pretty good breeze from the lake, but we were all steaming pretty good in the heat.

It turned out to be 10 kids, just perfect! They were running around having fun, I had a bubble machine going and a Mickey Mouse CD playing. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

Then we grilled some hot dogs and ate, and when everyone was finishing up their food Mickey Mouse came!!! There were lots of hugs and giggling, and then Mickey Mouse had the kids play a few games, the last one being a water balloon toss, which was very popular in the heat. Then all the kids got prices from Mickey Mouse in the form of Mickey Mouse kites, and then it was cake time.

The cake looked really good and tasted great too!

Sarah (in the pink hat) and two of her friends hug Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse said goodbye and everyone enjoyed the nice Mickey Mouse cake. Then it was time to open presents, hand out goodie bags and say thank you and good bye to all the guests.

Time to open presents!

Sarah opening her gifts, with me in blue standing behind her.

I think Sarah was very happy with her party!

And here is a picture of my, finally back home, very hot and kind of glad everyone had a good time, and that it is over!

Have a continued great weekend!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Stomach problems

I have no idea why, but Bob all of a sudden got sick yesterday. He threw up all day, and he usually have a stomach of steel. It could be a number of things. They did start a new food on Saturday, but that one was suppose to be more natural with no byproducts, and Stan hasn't been sick, and he is usually the sensitive one.

I did also see Bob eating something off the sidewalk the night before, and when I asked the neighbor what that crud was that he so happily enjoyed before I pulled him away, he said it is from those grabbing arms on the big garbage trucks. So essentially he ate a goo of crud from like hundreds of houses. I can only imagine the bacterial soup in it...

Bob has been sick many times before, usually he get better in a few hours, but he was really really not doing good. He threw up anything he ingested, included all the water he drank. He was very weak and dehydrated and I was ready to take him to the pet ER, even though it is a pain to get there at night. But then all of a sudden he snapped out of it and started to sleep with all his paws in the air, a good sign he is feeling good. And today he is back to normal, maybe a bit lighter. I was really worried about Bob, he is very special to us, the little pig. If he just wasn't such a food freak he might not have gotten into this problem in the first place...

My own gut is still hurting, but I am planning on waiting it out until Monday since I really don't want to mess up Sarah's birthday party. I will give the antibiotics a few more days.

Sarah had a good birthday yesterday. We started the day off my waking her up with a muffin with a candle in it, singing happy birthday and opening a few presents in bed.

Last night Sarah got to choose which restaurant she wanted to go to, and she chose her favorite, Friendly's. I had arranged so they would come out with an ice cream cake for dessert, and she was really wondering why all this people were clapping and singing, and when she realized they were singing for her, her eyes got really big and her mouth just opened. She thought it was so cool, even though a tad embarrassing.

Today after I pick her up from school we are going to the mall, where we are having lunch. Then I am getting a haircut, which I haven't had one since December! I am SO ready for a cut right now! Grandma is coming to pick Sarah up when I am at the hair salon, and they are taking off to the Red Barn Flea Market. That should be fun for them! Then when Ken gets home, we have to pick up the Mickey Mouse outfit, the cake and all the food and drinks for the party. Then we have to fill 250 water balloons. So we have a full day today, but I have a feeling it will be a fun party tomorrow!

Now I better get to work so I can finish the job I am working on before I have to pick her up in school. Just wish the infection was in a different spot. When I sit my lower rib kind of rest on that spot, which is incredibly uncomfortable... Ouch!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Doctor visit update

I wasn't too concerned about my stomach pain. Until the doctor started to poke around. I screamed like a pig! It was pretty clear that it was a bot more serious than I first thought. He is 99 % sure it is an intestinal infection. But this time I got to the doctor fast, so hopefully I won't have to be in the hospital. He said that if I don't feel better after a couple of days I have to come back and get a CT-scan.

I am a bit worried about taking antibiotics, back in December I had some pretty severe reactions. But on the other hand I hope that was because my immune system was in uproar, not because I had a true allergic reaction. Time will tell! At least this time I have a powerful antihistamine already at home, leftovers form December, so I can take that at first sign of any itching.

I am still very happy about the great outcome from the surgery. These things will keep happening, it is just a byproduct you will have to live with, so no big deal. He said there is quite a lit of scar tissue inside my remaining intestine, and that can easily cause infections.

These things just seem to have a really bad timing, with Sarah's birthday and upcoming party, and mother in law coming tomorrow. Hope I have enough energy to clean a bit. At least the FLOORS are sparkling clean!

Oh, another bummer. When they came to fix the dryer it turned out it wasn't what they first assumed it was. So we now have to wait for another part to come in. They were suppose to come tomorrow, but the part is on backorder, and the next appointment is not available until May 15! That is 3 weeks without a dryer! Not fun... Luckily I invested in one of those accordion style floor racks to hang laundry on, so I can wash small loads and hang on that. But still a pain. At least not as much of a pain as in my intestine right now. I am taking a pain killer, thank goodness for those! Over and out...

Of course!

I have enjoyed 5 months of medical bliss. So I was do for a little hiccup. Earlier today I noticed I was having some pain on my lower left side, kind of like intense "stitches" (håll in Swedish). No big deal I figured, but it has gotten worse and I am now having a hard time moving around or even breathing.

I finally called my intestinal surgeon for some advice, and he doesn't think it is related to the surgery, since the area I described is where the stomach is located. Could be an ulcer, could be a lot of things.

So he wanted me to see my regular doctor today, and I now have an appointment at 3:45 PM. Hopefully it will be something that is easy to resolve, right now I just want to get rid of the searing pain! I will update you on how it went later...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Quick update

I am sooooooooooo happy with our new floors! It is like being in a new house! Most of Saturday and Sunday was spent just getting everything back in the house, and on Monday I had to work most of the day, so I still have lots of things to put away. I won't post the after video until everything is in order, but it sure came out good!

I immediately noticed that having the same floor in the entire house, (except the bathrooms) creates a much better flow. The house feels bigger too!

Now I am just waiting for a large payment from a client in Australia, and when that comes in I am getting my new TV! That will be the cherry on top...

Friday, May 2, 2008


Hittade denna lista hos Desiree, och listor är ju alltid kul, eller hur Annika?

Hur länge har du bloggat?
Ja halvdant sedan 2002, men på allvar med regelbundna inlägg sedan våren 2007.

2. Hur såg din bild av bloggar och bloggare ut en månad innan du själv börja blogga?
Hade ju inte riktigt hittat alla trevliga bloggar som jag nu följer, då var det mest något som var och en gjorde privat som en onlinedagbok, liksom.

3. Vilken var den första blogg du förälskade dig i?
Kommer inte riktigt ihåg, men jag tyckte det var jättekul att hitta alla andra utlandssvenskar och se hur deras värld var.

4. Hur känner du dig inför dina första blogginlägg, när du såhär i efterhand läser dem?
Ja det var ett ganska långt inlägg för att komma lite up to date så att säga.

5. Hur många bloggar återvänder du till regelbundet som läsare?
Det är 23 stycken som jag följer regelbundet, och ibland hittar jag nått kul någon annanstans med.

6. Av de bloggare du läser, hur många procent är dagboksbloggar och hur många är ämnesbloggar/t.ex. teknikbloggar, modebloggar, politikbloggar?
100 % privata dagboksbloggar, 90 % utlandssvenskar.

7. Nämn en bloggare (obs länka) som verkar väldigt olik dig, vars blogg du tycker om?
Sonja och stormen

8. Nämn en bloggare (obs länka) som verkar väldigt lik dig, vars blogg du tycker om?
Det är ju de flesta som har samma typ av stil som jag gällande berättandet, så det skulle vara svårt att välja bara en.

9. Vad tycker dina närmaste om att du bloggar?
Det har blivit ett ganska viktigt verktyg i att hålla familj och vänner uppdaterade om vad som sker i vårt liv, och jag behöver inte längre skicka en massa kort till folk, de kan gå in och titta på bloggen då och då för att få en uppdatering och se kort.

10. Tycker folk som känner dig att du är dig själv i din blogg?
Jag är helt mig själv, kanske inte lika knasig som jag är i verkligheten.

11. Har du hittat en fungerande gräns för hur privat du vill vara i din blogg, eller tänjs den gränser hela tiden?
Jag gick lite fram och tillbaka med att använda namn och så där, men nu känns det som om jag har en OK balans.

12. Nämn några saker som du aldrig skulle blogga om och varför?
Superpersonliga grejer håller jag ute. Jag skriver inte heller om skvaller som kan få någon i familjen att bli ledsen. Man får ju tänka på att folk i hela världen kommer att läsa vad man skriver. Jag är ganska öppen IRL, men det finns ju en gräns.

13. I vilken utsträckning bloggar du för att få bekräftelse tror du?
Jag bloggar för att ha ett bättre minne av vardagslivet, både för mig och min dotter. Men det är alltid kul att få trevliga kommentarer!

14. Tror du att man kan lära känna en person genom att läsa hennes/hans blogg?
Ja jag tror det. Jag träffade ju min man som jag har varit tillsammans med i 12 år, och vi umgicks enbart via nätet innan vi träffades IRL efter någon månad. Det kändes som om vi kände varandra nog för att det skulle vara en gnista där. Och kan det ske så kan man säkerligen få vänner på detta vis med.

15. Har du träffat folk IRL (in real life) efter att ha fått kontakt med dem via bloggen?
Ja vissa bloggar jag läser kände jag ju personerna innan jag började läsa bloggen, men det räknas ju kanske inte J! Jag skulle tycka det vore jättekul att träffa utlandssvenskar som jag ”umgås” med i bloggvärlden. Ni är jättevälkomna att komma förbi oss om ni har vägarna förbi Floridas västkust!

16. Tror du det kan vara skadligt för vissa personer att blogga?
Både och. Om man lever genom bloggen så är det ju inte hälsosamt. Läste om en tjej som sa att hon inte kunde gå med på bio, eftersom hon skrivit på bloggen att hon skulle komma tillbaka om ett par timmar, och hon oroade sig att hennes läsare skulle bli oroliga om hon inte skrev då hon sagt att hon skulle göra det! Å andra sidan är det nog alltid nyttigt att skriva ner saker och ting. Speciellt om man är frustrerad eller stressad. Det är liksom terapeutiskt!

17. Har du någonsin blivit sårad av någonting som skrivits till/om dig i kommentarer eller i andra bloggar. Och i såfall: Hur har du hanterat detta?
Man kan ju inte alltid ha samma åsikter om allt. Jag kan bli lite stött, men jag känner att jag har mognat med åren, och att jag kan låta sådant glida av mig, som vatten på en gås. Det är ju det som gör livet intressant, att vi alla är så olika.

18. Har du skrivit saker du ångrar i din egen eller andras bloggar?
Nej. Skulle i så fall vara att jag inte kommenterar andras bloggar så mycket som jag skulle vilja.

19. Hur ser bloggandets nackdelar ut, för dig?
Ja det kan ju ta upp en del tid, men man får ju vara vettig och inte spendera för mycket tid.

20. Tror du att du fortfarande efter två år bloggar?
I så fall: Tror du att ditt bloggande förändrats då? Jag hopas verkligen att jag fortsätter, det känns viktigt att kunna ha dessa minnen bevarade för min dotter. Ibland oroar jag mig lite för vad som kan hända med bloggen om bloggföretaget försvinner och dylikt.

21. Tror du att bloggarna har (eller kommer att ha) någon inverkan på vår kultur, eller är de en grupp människor som mest påverkar varandra?
Bloggandet har blivit oerhört mainstream! Det känns lite för mycket ibland kanske. Men samtidigt är det ju en samhällsutveckling.

22. Avslutningsvis 1: Kan du sammanfatta kort vad ditt bloggskrivande har betytt för dig?
Jag har fått en inblick i andra utlandssvenskars vardag. Det är alltid intressant att se hur lika man faktiskt är i sina vardagssituationer. Ger en dessutom ett bollplank för att få svar på situationer som man inte alltid vet hur man ska hantera.

23. Avslutningsvis 2: Kan du sammanfatta kort vad bloggläsandet har betytt för dig?
Det känns lite som om jag har fått tillgång till en ofantlig resurs av likasinnade som alltid finns där, och som jag kan lära mig oerhört mycket av.

24. Nämn 5 bloggare som du vill ska svara på enkäten.
Det är upp till var och en tycker jag.

Sarasota Bayfront Park

We just got back from a fun couple of hours at the park. Boy is it hot out there! It is over 90 F (32C) today. This is such a nice place, and it also feels kind of urban. They usually have some kind of art display going on, and so they did today as well.

The large banyan trees give you a welcome relief from the sun, like the one you see here:

These trees are a type of ficus that can very large and very old. I think the oldest is a banyan in India that is close to 600 years old!

The walkway hugs the waterfront all around.

From the walkway you can see one of our favorite restaurants across the water. This place is called Marina Jack's. Ken and had our third date ever on one of their dinner cruises that takes off from the left side of this building.

At the tip of the park (which is a peninsula) is a large dolphin fountain. If you stand on the side downwind from the breeze you might get a cooling mist from it!

When we turn the corner and start walking back on the other side of the park the walkway follows a natural beach. Bob was very happy to cool himself off a bit. He hates to take a bath, but any other kind of water situation he loves!

Sarah found a few cool fossils and shells along this stretch as well.

Then at the end (or the beginning depending on which way you go), there is a large playground as well as a large area with fountains that shoots out water. This has been a favorite among kids here locally for years! Sarah was soaked and very happy when we finally left for the day!

Almost ready!

Tonight around 6-7 PM we are heading over to our house to do a final inspection of the floors. Then we will be moving back in tomorrow morning.

It has been a long week, kind of boring. It is going to be a lot of work this weekend, but I am really looking forward to it!

We are planning on cleaning each piece of furniture really good before putting it back in the house. I need to figure out where I can find a leather cleaning kit, the couches really need a good cleaning.

Sarah and I was out this morning and got breakfast and a few things at Target. The plan is to head down to the Bayfront Park in Sarasota with the dogs soon. It is a very nice park, kind of a peninsula with water on three sides. There is also a very nice playground there for Sarah to use. The park is beautifully located in downtown Sarasota, with lots of nice yachts to look at as well as marine life and greenery.

Then we will head back to the hotel and start packing up any stuff we don't need. Can't wait to get home!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I am sick of tired of sitting here all day waiting. Cabin fever! I don't really have anything to do, and I don't feel like doing much either. It isn't exactly much you can do around here with two dogs in tow... It wouldn't have been so bad if I could at least lay out by the pool, but then we would have a howl-fest on our hands in the room.

Bob is still very homesick and not happy at all, barely tolerating the situation. Every time we go to the house to get the mail and check on the progress he gets so excited, the poor thing. He thinks he is going home... I usually take them on a long walk around our neighborhood while there, so they can smell some familiar surroundings.

And then I feel so bad about something else. Sarah's teacher told me how many invitations would be needed, so I could put one in each kid's "mailbox" at school. But when I dropped them off yesterday I noticed there were at least 3 new kids in the class that I had never heard of before, they must have started recently. Luckily nobody was in the class room when I dropped the invitations in the slots/folders of each kid, so nobody will now who got invited or not, just the parent picking up each kid's "mail" and art. Since I was a few short (and I can't make more since our house is all packed away in boxes), I skipped a few names that I never heard off. I figured Sarah would most likely want the kids she knew the most to come. And I had to make a choice, so I did.

Then in the car afterwards I asked about one of the new names I had seen. "Do you know who Arthur is in your class?" I asked. She said "He is a new friend. He LOVES me a lot mommy! He is very nice!" Great. I didn't invite Arthur. I feel like shit...