Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Amazing little girl!

I guess they are right when they say your life changes when you have a baby! I have been so busy since she was born. She is an amazing little girl, so full of life and so sweet. I am very proud of her! She is now almost 22 months old, will be 2 in May!!! WOW! Where did all that time go?

We did finally buy a house about a year ago, and we really love it. I painted all the rooms the way I wanted them, no more all white apartment walls! It is a nice feeling knowing you can do whatever you want with the place.

She is very active, but I manage to work quite a lot actually. She is pretty independent and likes to play by herself. Her room is next to my office, but she usually hangs out in the living room or in the office with me. She is right now watching the Swedish version of Cinderella, she loves the evil cat and his antics.

My husband finally quit his high paying job and is now out on his own. He is a bit nervous, but so far it is going great. He will most likely take on some consulting jobs after tax season is over, since things are bound to slow down then.

Well, I better go and get dinner started now. I had food poisoning over the weekend, so I haven't eaten that much the last few days, and now I am starving!

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