Monday, July 25, 2011


So not much being written on her while on vacation. No Internet for the most part and a very busy schedule made sure of that... I might get around to upload a few pictures, but we will see if time permits.

Today is back to work and it is a LOT waiting fro me. At least two more months of full time work on the big project. A little difficult to wrap your head around work today, especially since a guy is here to install our new rain gutters. A lot of banging, load machines and barking dogs... :-)

I have a feeling I will just get started and set up, and then spend the rest of the day fixing things around the house. Still have a lot to get in order.

The neighbour Shirley, Sarah and I went to IKEA on Saturday. We were gone for 5 hours! But that is what you get when you bring someone to IKEA that never been there before. She was pretty amazed by all the stuff!

Today I am getting my new cabinet for the dining room. It is well needed for some extra storage. It is not from IKEA, but it will still arrive in a box, needed to be assembled...

But as Sarah said: "It is so nice to be home". We had an amazing time, most thanks to all our incredible nice family members that made us feel so welcome and well taken care of. I feel we have filled up our "Swedish depots" for a while now, which is great.

I hate the long trip, but I sure wish I could go more often... :-)

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