Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Operation Turtle Rescue

That is what was going on outside our house this morning.

All of a sudden I see these two teenagers frantically running back and forth. Turns out a turtle nest has hatched somewhere close by, and all the little babies are now trying to find the nearest lake. Unfortunately a bunch of them ended up dead and squished on the road before our rescue efforts were activated.

They found 9 so far and Sarah and I rescued 2. One had made its way into our garage, not exactly a great place for a baby turtle! We found one in there a few years ago too. Who knows how long that one had been there...

In other news; I got the cabinet I ordered today. It barely fit into my car, and it is still there. 145 lbs/66 kg and HUGE! Ken is bringing home one of those little dollies with wheels so we can get it inside. Or if I get to impatient, I might open the box in the car and just carry it in piece by piece.

I have already translated the daily quota of words for today, so i would be OK to take time off for that... :-)

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Anonymous said...

De va alldeles för långe sen jag träffade dig ;-) <3 KRAM