Friday, June 11, 2010


Sarah and I had a nice day celebrating the first day of summer break.

But first I had to clean dog puke from pretty much every corner of the house. Bob had eaten something, what I don't know, the day before. And late Wednesday night he started walking in circles all over the house (i.e. not feeling good). This is not the first time! He tries to eat anything that looks like grass, including house plants, so we let him out on a leash in the back yard where he ate grass like a cow.

I took him for a couple of long walks, but nothing.

So he got to sleep in the living room, since we knew the next phase would be the puking phase (again, not the first time...).

Too bad I forgot to close the doors to the office and Sarah's room... He had really favored those rooms to deposit his little grass mounds. Not fun. And why does he always feel the need to puke on anything but the tile floor?

So I have been washing blankets, clothes and rugs yesterday and today. But at least Bob is back to normal, and we still have no idea what he ate...

Sarah and I spent about 2½ hours at the pool. So warm! So nice! This was our first visit to our neighborhood pool for this year. I got to try out my new diving mask, and it was such a nice feeling being able to dive and actually see where I was going. She played with an 8 year old boy, and later the neighbor's kids came too.

After our pool visit and a shower we headed over to Ci Ci's Pizza for a "First Day of Summer Break" celebratory lunch at the all you can eat pizza buffet. Apparently Sarah really charmed the manager; he gave her free tokens to get toys from all the toy machines they have there, and at the end he gave her an entire box of cinnamon buns (27!) to take home.

After our lunch we went over to the next door Sport's Authority to get Sarah a new dive mask. She is getting better and better at diving, so a new one will help. Her old one is all made out of rubber and not very good, leaks a lot too. So she got a really good one made out of silicone with tempered glass. It should last her for many years to come.

Then home to do some work, since I had taken most of the day off.

Today, probably another pool visit, and then cleaning the rest of the day. And a little Friday "mys", which loosely translates to hanging out with the family, watching something fun on TV and eating something yummy :-)!

Tomorrow Ken has to work, so Sarah and I are doing another movie at the mall-thing. This time we will see "The Karate Kid". Sarah is very excited to see this one, and I get all kinds of fun memories from seeing the original back in 1984 when I was 10, the second one 1985, the third 1989 (but by then I kind of lost the interest), and the last one in 1994. I LOVED those movies, so cool. I was doing karate moves all the time :-)!

Sunday will be fun day again. We are planning on going snorkeling off of Anna Maria Island, and hopefully finding some cool shells and seeing some awesome fish.

Oh, and yesterday I was thinking that Sarah needed an extra bathing suit now when summer camp starts, but I had a feeling I might have one put away in a box somewhere. I usually buy clothes when they are on sale in bigger sizes, so sometimes I have clothes laying in boxes for years before she grows into them. So I went looking for that bathing suit and found it. Perfect fit! I had gotten it at an end of summer sale many years ago for $2!

I though all the clothes in that box were all bigger sizes, but after a closer look it turned out only one skirt was bigger, everything else was 7 and 8 year old sizes! Item after item, it was a virtual Christmas! I had forgotten about all the nice things I had gotten her, all one super sales! Thank goodness I looked in there now and didn't wait until next year... It was probably at least 30 outfits in there! All from the GAP, Old Navy, The Children's Place... Really nice stuff!

Hope you guys all get a great and relaxing weekend!

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Marianne said...

Det låter som bäddat för en riktigt bra helg. Så roligt att hon fick så många bullar! Så gulligt.