Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back from shopping

Sarah and I had a great day out shopping!

We started out by going by a new Dollar Tree store that just opened close to where we live. As you might have guessed by the name, everything in the store is just $1. They have a lot of crap, but Sarah's eyes really sparkled when I told her she could pick out one thing in the store she wanted, ANY thing! Wow, what a deal, she thought. We ended up with a whoppy cushion, one of those things you put air in and then when someone sits down on it it will sound like they farted. Just up Sarah's alley! And a table bowling set slunk into our basket as well.

Then we went next door for Sarah's back-to-school haircut. 1½ inches (almost 4 cm) off, cleaning up a bit after all those pool hours that wreak havoc on the hair.

Despite the weary look, she liked her haircut a lot.

After the haircut we decided to have brunch at Friendly's, Sarah's favorite. They were not serving lunch yet, so we ended up getting breakfast. But a big American breakfast is just as filling as lunch, so no problem there! We played some table bowling while we waited for our food.

That were some BIG breakfasts! Sarah, who is such a picky eater, happily dug into her french toast sticks, (som fattiga riddare (eller är det rika riddare?!)) and bacon...

And she finished almost all of it! That made for a happy mommy!

AND she asked for dessert, and she finished that entire big thing! Holy moly! Sarah said she was very impressed she could eat it all. Her body must have found some extra storage down there to put it all!

We got everything we had planned, two pair of new jeans, a pair of dark denim and one pair of regular denim. Goodbye size 6, hello size 10... sigh. The storage ottomans were great, just perfect size for Sarah's room. Comfy to sit on, and you can store all kinds of things in them, even dogs!!!


mammigranten said...

Bra leksaksförvaring är ju aldrig fel.
Hårklippning likaså.
Maten såg mumsig ut, fattiga riddare är ju gott! Tänk om mina barn kunde äta så bra någon endaste gång...

ps size 10 är väl ingenting?

S w e F l o said...

Ja för en gångs skull så åt hon! 10 är ju bara inet kul när man hade vant sig med 6... Jag kunde väl ha fått passa in i en 8:a i alla fall, men nej då... Men ska ju vara glad eftersom alla läkare är SÅ glada över att jag har fått mer kött på benen. Suck ja.

Saltistjejen said...

Vilken superdag!!! Härligt!
Och Sarah är så himla söt tycker jag!