Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tired Monday

Yesterday I was pretty tired. Lots of travelling, and then BAM, home and lots of work!

When I get really tired I have a tendency to mix in Swedish in my English, just a word here and there, not enough to really be that noticeable. But I guess I must have been really tired last night, Ken said I was slurring my words and he was concerned I had a stroke or something!!! THEN you know you are tired, when your husband seriously think you might have had a stroke!!!

I understand his fear, since I have had several blood clots and you never know, but I thought it was kind of funny. I think when I get tired I just get lazy and just don't put any effort into speaking clearly... But I sharpened up a bit, so he wouldn't send me to the hospital or anything! Can't be easy to live with a REAL "sicko" like me, ha ha!!!


Marianne said...

Ja nej INTE stroke! Det vill vi INTE att du får! Så nöj dig med att vara trött!


Saltistjejen said...

När jag är trött blir både mins venska OCH min engelskja konstig....
Hoppas du snart får lite mer energi vännen!

MammaAnna said...

Mycke kärlek från din ö!
Du är stark gumman och lite cellförändringar å en strok tar inte ner dig på jorden. Tänker på dig!
// Anna