Friday, August 21, 2009


If you love getting "attacked" by little dogs, and having little cold and wet noses all over you, I have a great tip:

Make sure you pet and scratch a female dog that is in heat really good, then go into your house where there are at least two small dogs with cold, wet noses. They will SNIFF and SNIFF and go crazy trying to inhale as much as possible of that smell from you.

***Disclaimer*** Excessive dog sniffing can cause bouts of uncontrolled laughing!

In other news: we went to Sarah's school's open house last night, and she got to meet her new teacher, see her new desk and familiarize herself with the new surroundings. On Monday it is back to business for schools here. It looks like at least two kids from her old class are in her new class, so that will help a little I think.

Unless the weather does not cooperate this weekend, we are going to try and borrow our friend's beach house on Casey key, you know that fabulous place with the hammock between the palm trees, right on the beach?! If the weather is not looking good, we will wait until next weekend, which is most likely.

I have a lot of stuff to do around the house anyway, so either way is OK with me. Plus, I know Sarah really want to go and see a movie this weekend too.

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Saltistjejen said...

Spännande med ny skolstart!!
och du hoppas att vädret bli bra. Om inte denna helg så nästa.
haha, jag kan se era hundar framför mig!!! :-)
Nästa gång kanske du kan filma sniffandet....!?
Kram och hoppas ni får en bra helg!