Monday, August 31, 2009

Bed Building Weekend

On Friday Ken (and even Sarah) helped me put the sides (ladder sides) together, and then attach the long sides. Then I spent all Saturday putting all the other pieces together and then finally I stained it. At 8 PM I was finally done!

On Sunday I still had to do a second layer of stain on the safety rails and then install those. And then there were the drapes, the rope lights and just stuff in general. A big project!

But now it is all one. And I have turned into a dinosaur. An OldenSore... :-)

Sarah is very happy, and she slept her first night in it last night. I was a bit worried she would wake up in the middle of night and forget where she was and fall out or something, but everything went well.

But we have a new rule: NO PETS in the new bed! Stan was up there (before the safety rails were put on, and he got the bright idea to jump down all by himself. He screamed like crazy when he hit the hard stone floor (what the heck was he thinking, he can barely jump up and down from our bed????).

First we thought for sure he must have broken all his legs, but it looks like he is just a little sore, he walks and jumps like normal, no limping or apparent pain. He is one lucky dog!

Sarah actually helped quiet a lot getting a bunch of screws in. She was a great helper!

Lots of pieces

Almost put together

Done! Stained! Drapery up!

Cozy "clubhouse" underneath...

...with rope lights to up the cozy factor


Camilla said...

Sangen blev ju kanonfin!
Det ar smart att utnyttja utrymme uppat ifall dte ar skralt med golvyta.

Inga djur i sangen ar nog klokt, och efter den flygfarden vill han nog inte upp dit igen.

Elisabeth Molin said...

Det se jättefint ut. Nu är väll Sarah glad

Anonymous said...

haha. Stan är så knäpp. Förhoppningsvis håller han sig borta nu.
Det blev iallafall jätte bra. Hoppas hon kommer trivas.

Anne said...

Wow, vad fint det blev!!! Jag vill vara liten igen och ha en sån fin säng och rum :)
...och det tål att upprepas igen så här ett år senare eller nåt sånt hur snyggt ert golv är.

Petra H said...

Så fin! Jag förstår att Sarah gillar sin nya säng! Och det är väl perfekt om hon gillar sängen, för då sover hon väl också i den ;-) Mysigt med ett litet krypin under - så slipper hon bygga kojor som jag alltid gjorde som liten, det var aldrig roligt att ta ner dem...