Thursday, November 5, 2009

Award and visitor

Today I went by Sarah's school to see her get her award. Apparently this is the first time they are doing this at her school, but it was a lot of fun! Sarah looked so small up there on the big stage!

I guess the awards are a type of Honor Roll for students that are doing great academically, and not for being a good citizen as I thought it would be. They don't get actually grades in first grade, like A, B, and Cs, but they still get a type of grade. And I guess she is doing really good in school. She was very proud!

Here she is with her award flanked by her teacher, Mrs S:

So this afternoon Ken's daughter arrives! I bet she is as excited about it as we are!


Saltistjejen said...

Å GRATTIS till Sarah!! vad skoj!
Och det ska bli så spännande att få läsa mer om ert besök framöver också.

Ewa said...

Ett jättegrattis till Sarah och till dig mor av denna dotter - var stolt över henne, spänn ut brösten och in med magen. Med dom generna kan det inte bli annat :) eller....


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