Tuesday, November 24, 2009


After talking it over, looking at the photos of the copper pipes it is just becoming more and more clear that this house is a dud. Yesterday we officially withdraw our offer on the house, and we are now starting over looking for a house.

It feels really crappy to have lost out on such a great opportunity, but things are what they are, and we do not want to waste any more time or effort on a lost cause.

So I am in full house finding mode. There are not exactly that many houses that fit most of our requirements. I might find a beautiful, large house with the right price, but then it is in a crappy school district... The schools are important, I want to make sure Sarah goes to an A-rated school where her chances of having a good learning environment.

On Monday S and I are going to come up with a list of contenders, and hopefully we can set up viewings for Thursday next week.

We are not in a hurry, but I am of course very excited about finding something, and would have liked to move yesterday, but we need to wait until at least January to close anyway, so no big rush at all. I rather take my time and find something really good.

Today will be a super busy day, lots of work to finish before having 5 days off, then a lot of prep getting the house ready before we leave, plus doing laundry, washing the dogs, packing the car so it is ready for our 4 AM departure tomorrow... Phew!


Saltistjejen said...

Oj vad snopet. Tråkigt att huset inte alls visade sig vara i det skick ni hoppats. Men bättre att upptäcka sådant här INNAN man köpr iallafall!!!
Lycka till med husletandet nu när ni är tillbaks där igen.

Erik said...

Jag hittade din blogg nar jag googlade efter leverpastej och Florida :-) Har du lyckats hitta det nagonstans? Jag maste ha det till Jul! Mvh Erik