Friday, October 15, 2010


After some confusion (the airport in Nashville is in a different time zone than the city where the cabin is), we got settled into our very nice cabin. Awesome view! Only one problem (and it seems like this always happen to us), the "highspeed Internet" access that the cabin was suppouse to have was so weak it wasnt even funny: least than 0.19 Mps! Compare that to our 35 Mps at home...

Even though we are on vacation, Ken has to stay in contact with work and do a little work here and there.

He was not a happy camper least night...

After breakfast this morning we were able to locate a strong, unsecure wifi connection so Ken could contact a couple of clients. He is going to have to go out and find a signal tonight so he can do what he needsto do. We dont even have a cell phone connection at the cabin, it is to remote.

Too bad we have to be so depent on technology, but it is really the only way Ken could take some time off (or semi off).

That is the price of running a buisness I guess.

We are soon heading towards Cades Cove.

I will have to wait until we get home to upload any pictures... We havent seen any bears yet, but perhaps we will today.
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Marianne said...

Härligt med lite semester! Hur länge ska ni vara borta?

Ha det jätteskönt!