Thursday, October 28, 2010


I think this is pretty general speaking: when women are sick, no big deal. When men get sick, oh boy! They are always much sicker than anyone else and act as babies!

Last night Ken had a little of a sore throat and was just very sniffly. No fever.

If I have a cold I don't really reflect much over it unless I have a fever. You just deal with it and go on with life.

Ken, on the other hand, always have to lay on the couch, and ALWAYS moan and sound pathetic in general. It is just so silly! If he had a high fever I would feel for him, but a little snot and a sore throat? Come on!

To illustrate how bad he feels for himself, this is a snippet from an email he sent me from work this morning:
I think I may die today.  I am deathly ill.  Hope Sarah and you do not get it.

Seriously? I happen to have the same sniffles, but it never occurred to me to actually even mention it. It is just the sniffles, after all! Men!

I am just happy he hardly ever is sick, thankfully! :-)

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