Friday, September 12, 2008

Great day!

The fungal stuff works great, it is already so much better! The only bad thing is that the infection must have irritated the wound, so now it is wide open again. It had started to slowly close up. But I think it will get a chance to close up again now when the fungus is taking care of.

It is pretty unbelievable, but I still have not gotten paid from some of those clients that owe me money! I was starting to get really uneasy abut my bills piling up (not that many, but I really don't like to pay anything late).

Well today I got electronic receipts saying that money is on its way from two of them, one is a bank transfer from London, and the other one a check from California. So I should have at least $3,000 by next week. Finally!!! Then I can wait patiently for the other $5,000 I am owed, at least my bills are paid and I have food on the table.

Since I have been very careful with the little cash I had left, I have taken the opportunity to go through the freezer and the pantry to see what I can cook from what I have there. We actually had some really good dinners with that (grilled provencal salmon with cheese and garlic tortellini with tomatoe sauce anyone?), and I got my freezer cleaned out which is something that needed to be done anyway.

Another fun thing that happened was that the hospital were I had teh surgery contacted me to ask if I wanted to be featured in their next newsletter they send out to people like me, that has had colorectal surgery. They considered me to be such a positive person with a great attitude, so they wanted to show other patients that surgery can be positive too. So they interviewed me and asked all kinds of fun questions and that will appear in the next issue along with my photo. Cool!

And a third fun thing was that I today got a package from Allure magazine, one of my favorite magazine (mostly beauty related, I look to this magazine to see what is new and in on this front).

I have been a member of their reader panel for a while, and now they contacted me saying they had selected me to be one of the featured reader reviwers. This is usually a small section in the magazine with three women or so, talking about a product they have tested, how they liked it or not. The product they sent me for testing was Chanel's new mascara, Exceptionnel. Fun fun fun! So look for my picture and review in an upcoming issue (I will let you know if I find out which one).

Now Sarah and I are taking a long walk with the dogs before dinner.

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Annika said...

Nämen vad kul med Allure...Vet du i vilket nummer du kommer att vara med? Jag gillar också Allure, men köper den för sällan.