Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christmas Shopping: Done!

I just realized last night that except for a gift for Ken that I already picked out and just need to order, I am done with my Christmas shopping!

This year it will have to be slimmed down a bit, since there will be a lot of extra expenses with moving. I rather put some money on new furniture than stuff we don't even need...

Plus, I had to narrow done my list of people a lot. Except for the once spending Christmas at our house I will only send presents to my mom this year. I just can't afford it, even though I would love to send stuff to other friends and family...

I even told Ken not to get me anything (especially since he sucks at buying gifts anyway...) but he wants to get at least one gift, so I picked out one that is perfect for him. Otherwise all I really care is for Sarah to have a wonderful Christmas.

What is so great about her is that she likes a lot of stuff! She is not into girlie stuff too much, she does like animals and Littlest Pet Shop, but not Barbie dolls and things like that.

Ken is working on a collection of awesome fossils for her. So far, except for all the shark teeth we have found ourselves, she has a Megalaodon tooth (HUGE!) and a Mesosaurus tooth (ocean dwelling dinosaur, see pic below).

Ken has gotten her a humongous trilobite for Christmas to add to the collection. I think since she is so interested in these types of things, these are things that will stay with her the rest of her life. And the value of the fossils actually appreciate, so it is a very neat thing in deed.

My hand next to the trilobite

My hand next to the Megalodon tooth


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Marianne said...

Vilka djur! Kul med ett så ovanligt intresse, vem vet, hon kanske blir paleon ... äh, du vet sån som forskar om dinosaurier : )