Wednesday, October 7, 2009

House Update

Everything is still a bit up in the air. The seller's agent has to wait until Friday or Monday to send in the offer to the bank, and if he receives any other offers before then, they will be included as well.

So that is the only problem, not knowing if our offer is the one they will like the best or not. At least we offered a little above the asking price, so that should help...

The seller's agent also said we should be prepared for a long wait, since they bank is really slow in everything. He doubted we would be able to close by January 15, but who knows?

I have actually come to peace with the entire process. I don't care who it goes. The longer wait is good, since it will give us plenty of time to prep our current house for renting and also find a renter. Plus, there are so many great houses on the market right now, so if it won't be this one, I am sure we can find one equally great!

So whatever happens, it happens. No more crazy butterflies!

I am going to concentrate on the now and try to work as much as I can, so I can save up some money to buy fabulous new things for the new and BIGGER house!
Plus, the Holidays are coming up: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. Plus a little mountain vacation in between. Lots to keep me occupied!

The great thing about moving is that it gives you a chance to go through all your belongings and clean out a lot you don't need. And because we are waiting at least 3 months, it gives me lots of time to collect boxes for moving stuff in, they are so hard to find nowadays when stores recycle everything right away...

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