Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dino bonanza

Sarah seemed a bit off yesterday morning, but she had no temperature and she said she was feeling fine, so we went to Tampa anyway to see the Walking with Dinosaurs show. It was quite impressive to say the least!

We had a great time in downtown Tampa, went out for dinner and strolled around a bit enjoying the cooler air that finally found its way down here to Florida for a few days.

In the car on the way home Sarah could hardly keep her eyes open and when we got home she had a very high fever.

It is very difficult to see when she is sick, she never says a peep, never complains. She just gets slow and lays on the couch...

I gave her some Tylenol for the fever and she perked right up, we even went out to look at soem furniture, but I just took her temperature again, and it was almost 41C! I have a feeling it will be a day home from school for her tomorrow... poor thing!

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Taina said...

Vi såg showen här i Hartford tidigare och barnen (och jag) var imponerade!

Men stackars Sarah med SÅ hög feber! Hoppas hon kryar på sig snart.