Monday, October 19, 2009

Visit to the pediatrician

I didn't like how Sarah's throat looked like, so I called her doctor, and as always they were able to squeeze us in.

I suspected strep throat (halsfluss) and I was right! Since it is a bacterial infection it has to be treated with antibiotics. She can go back to school on Wednesday if she has no fever tomorrow, so we will see how that works out. Apparently there is a lot of strep throat going around right now, we were his 6th case just today. We might have gotten it from S, our friend and Realtor, since her oldest daughter had it. And just as we left the office we met her and her younger daughter, now also sick with streph!

I am glad they offer a flavoring service at the pharmacy, they can flavor kid's medicines any flavor you like, and with a picky kid like Sarah that is good! Not that she swallowed it without lots of complaining anyway...

Hopefully she will feel a lot better tomorrow, and hopefully she won't give it to me... I migth have to go to my doctor this week anyway, since I am having problem with hip pain again. Probably just inflammation in that pesky nerve again, but it is starting to be a bit unbearable, especially at night. I need some pain relief here soon if I am going to get any sleep, I just haven't had the time to get an appointment, but I think it is at a point now when I will have to.

Last night I had a hard time just getting up and down from the couch, not much fun. And ignoring the pain doesn't seem to work so well, ha ha!!!

Now I am off to make dinner... what to cook I have no idea yet...


Petra H said...

Åh, stackars lilla Sarah med halsfluss - INTE kul alls! Jag hade ganska ofta halsfluss som barn och det var ett evigt bråkande när jag skulle ta pencillinet - jag kunde ju inte svälja tabletter (jag var väl 7-8 år gammal så fick inte längre pencillin i flytande form) och det kunde inte min pappa fatta. Han blev så arg, tills någon (mamma?) kom på att de skulle stoppa tabletterna i en sked med glass, då slank de ner (eftersom man inte tuggar glass). Tänk om jag hade haft smaksatt pencillin istället!!
Hoppas att du kan få någon hjälp för höften också så att ni båda slipper ha ont.
KRAM och krya på er!!

Marianne said...

Skönt att Sarah har fått diagnos och medicin! Nu hoppas vi hon blir frisk och pigg riktigt fort igen.

Och du din stackare. Höfter är inte roliga när de krånglar! Hoppas, hoppas att det går över av sig själv NU.