Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Busy week

Monday was tough. Lots of work waiting. It didn't get better by the fact that my ISP messed up my Auto Reply function on my e-mail. They lost 5 days worth of emails. So I have no idea of what important stuff I might have missed, very stressful. At least I was able to contact the three clients I am actively working with right now, so they could resend anything they had sent me over the 5 days. Not fun!

I didn't even get a minute to eat breakfast or lunch, it was just too much stuff to do. Not until I went to pick up Sarah did I realize how hungry I was, so I ended up eating brunch at 3! And then of course I was too full to eat any dinner, so I just had some tea and sandwiches. And then on top of that Ken really pissed me off and we had a huge fight via email (!). When he got home we got it all sorted out, luckily we are both people who don't like to scream and like to talk things out. Plus, I have become a lot more tolerable over the years ;-)

Today I should hopefully have a more normal work flow, I promised Sarah we would put up all the Christmas decorations this afternoon. Plus I could really use to do some laundry, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Just need to get caught up a bit more.

To make time even shorter I am going to look at a house today at 10:30 with my Realtor and her husband. I am not going to say anything until I have seen those copper pipes :-). This house is in the same wonderful neighborhood as the other one, not as nice on the outside, but very nice inside. And it is by a different builder, one that has so far not been associated with that defective drywall. But since I know what to look for, I should be able to determine if it has it or not.

The house was built in 2007, so it is still in the risk zone. The house does not have as wonderful view, but at least it is lake front. And a big plus is that it is already fenced for the dogs.

So if I like what I see we will see it again this weekend so Ken can see too, and then we will put an offer down if we both agree. This is also a short sale, but they had almost completed all the steps when the buyer got tired of waiting and walked, so at least we don't have to wait months and months, we should get a fairly fast answer as we are allowed to just step in where the other buyer left. So keep your fingers crossed that there are NO bad drywall!

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