Friday, December 18, 2009


So looking forward to a nice weekend! This week it has been hot here, with temperatures topping out at about 33C! So needless to say I am excited that the weather girl announced cooler weather this weekend...

I am trying to come up with something yummy to cook tonight, but I think I really am in the mood for soup. Perhaps fish and shrimp chowder? I also have some good DVDs waiting for us to watch...

Since Ken has a new employee starting tomorrow, he will be busy showing him the ropes tomorrow, so Sarah and I are going to brave the crowds and head down to the big mall in Sarasota. The plan is that I want to find something causal but still festive for us two to wear on Christmas. Sarah has grown out of all her stuff from last year, and I just don't see anything that I like in my closet...

Plus, we want to catch a movie, which we never did get to do last weekend as we had planned. I am sure we can squeeze in a mother/daughter lunch too...

Then when Ken comes home it is off for our Anniversary dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse. Yum!

I feel a bit lost without a mountain of work towering over me. I did today's projects in just a few hours this morning, and now I don't really know what to do with myself! I do have a lot of cleaning to do, but I want to wait until a day or two before Christmas, so I think I will just straighten up a bit and do some more laundry (there seem to be a never ending stream of laundry on this house!)

Yesterday I finally got that painting up that I won a year ago on our anniversary cruise! Ken had it professionally framed, and now finally it is on the wall. Only took a year!

I am planning on weeding out a lot of stuff (even though I am pretty good at that normally as well). I want to change the themes in the bathrooms, or you know, the colors and stuff. Since the new master bath will have darker tiles in brown shades, I think I will go with chocolate brown and dark tan rugs and towels.

For Sarah's bath I don't know. She wants all red stuff, so we will see what we can come up with. Her bathroom has a chocolate brown counter top and milk chocolate colored walls, so I guess red would work, or perhaps I will just keep the dark green palm tree stuff I have now, it is just my kind of thing anyway. But a change is always good to perk things up a little!

Got confirmation from my client that the payment they sent me was sent back again. Perhaps they should have double checked the account number with me this time? Now I will have to wait until Monday, and then they will PayPal me the money instead... I need a few thousands of that money for the earnest deposit on the house, so I am really upset. But on the other hand I got an unexpected check for almost $1,100 in the mail today, from an investment fund that had screwed something up and had to re-pay me for the fees they had charged... So bonus for that!

Sigh, just wish I could feel a bit more excited about Christmas. I think I might just have worked so much that I just didn't get caught up in the season yet. Hopefully with Sarah being home from this afternoon and on will help change that. I doubt there will be much work next week anyway, since most businesses are closed for the Holiday... So time to relax and get excited!

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Marianne said...

Det låter härligt med en mor-dotter-dag, hoppas att den har varit riktigt skön.

Och GRATTIS på bröllopsdagen!

Visst är det roligt att dekorera ett nytt hem!