Tuesday, December 1, 2009

House 2 update

The house looks very promising. Absolutely NO signs of bad drywall... The only thing wrong with it was minor paint touch ups, but nothing major at all. They seems to have been very generous in painting all the rooms, but at least the colors are nice. The only things I would want to do is replace the carpet with wood floors in the little front living room and the dining room. Who wants carpet in a dining room anyway? But that is not a high priority at all. The kitchen is to die for!

Looks like their bank already did the property appraisal, so we know what the bank would be willing to accept, which is good. The next step is to see it again on Saturday morning with Ken, and if he is game (and I have gotten paid so I have enough for the deposit), we will most likely make an offer...

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Anonymous said...

Ojoj. spännande. Hoppas Ken gillade det.
Väntar på en uppdatering på hur det gick/går.