Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday update

Sorry about not writing! There has just been a lot of work and not enough time left over.

Trying to clean a little, but have a horrible headache. Headaches seem to be the norms most days, but since they are most likely caused by inflammation (vascular and nerve) it is not much I can do about it anyway. I have also had irritating nerve inflammation pain in my feet, bad enough that it has woken me up several times at night.

And another thing, that I have gotten used to over the years, is a feeling that I just swallowed a large pill without water, and that the pill is now stuck in my throat. Comes and goes all day, but again, probably just a lupus thing, perhaps inflammation somewhere, so I am not even going to bother going to the Doctor. But SO irritating! Especially since i had had this problem for several years on and off. Sigh.

And then my left hand has had some severe joint pain going on lately, which makes just about everything difficult to do. And some weird stomach problems. Am I done now? With the complaining?g Yes. Just wanted to vent a little. I know I am stuck with this disease the rest of my life, but sometimes it really get on my nerves. Ha ha! Get it? On my nerves... :-)

Anyway. It looks like Sarah and I are getting together with her new best friend and her very nice mom tomorrow. If it will be a movie or just a play date we haven't decided yet. Perhaps both? Unfortunately they are going to be out of town all next week, which is SPRING BREAK for Sarah, but she is really looking forward to having an entire week off! Yeah! Now I can sleep in to 8 AM if I want... :-)

Sunday we are spending the entire day at the Florida Strawberry Festival, got some discount tickets at SweetBay (grocery store), but man, it is expensive! Tickets for us 3 (discount tickets) are $20. Then we have two wrist bands for all the rides (none for Ken who gets motion sickness), $20 each (discounted) and then food and other things. You will easily spend $100 here on just basic things. Too bad, since that probably makes it out of budget for a lot of families who would love to visit the Festival.

Except for everything strawberries, they have concerts (most an extra fee, but bigger names perform), they have lots of agricultural stuff, lost of animals to see, and then FOOD,m lots and lots of yummy food, then the Midway with tons of rides, vendors galore selling crap and then again STRAWBERRIES! The bog thing you have to do at the festival is to eat Strawberry Shortcake, that is tradition. It is pretty much pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream on top. Oh, and they usually have pig races! So lots of 'ole Country Fun on Sunday awaits... :-)


Victoria said...

Jag hoppas att du snart känner dig bättre och har en härlig dag på jordgubbsfestivalen! Kramar//Vic

Sandra said...

Hoppas du blir bättre snart!
SV: Åh tack så mycket moster! Jaså gjorde du? Det vore roligt att se dina teckningar någon gång. Jag fick grattis-smset, det var så kul att du skickade det, tack!