Monday, October 1, 2012


That felt like a quick weekend!

Saturday was slow and not much was going on. I spent a few hours cleaning the indoor patio. I dragged out the high pressure washer and really got it clean. I also replanted some herbs and got rid of some that were done for the summer.

In the afternoon we went to see a movie with Sarah's BFF Ashley, and then we just relaxed for the rest of the day.

Sunday morning at 10:30 we picked up Bree and Katana and headed for IKEA. It was a looong day and by the time we got back home again we had been gone 7.5 hours!

I didn't actually buy much, but that was mostly due to the fact they were in the middle of a huge remodel at IKEA, so a lot of stuff were hard to find or not there.

If you have plans on visiting IKEA in Tampa, wait until early December when the remodel is finished!

I was so sore after all those hours of walking, but we had fun!

The weekend of November 9-11 the Girl Scouts are having a BIG event called Holiday in the Woods. Almost all the regional Girl Scouts will attend, and we will all camp out at the main camp, Honi Hanta, here in Bradenton.

I have to attend as a co-leader, and we will arrive Friday afternoon and stay until Sunday. We are all camping in cabins and all meals are taken care of, so it is just a matter of supervising. We will also work on a few badges and do our own camp fire with smores and games.

I have to sleep in a cabin for the leaders, so I better bring ear plugs, Kelly is a big snorer! :-)

The entire event is like a big, fun slumber party for the girls, and they have a dance party, karaoke and all kinds of fun stuff going on. The older girls are hosting the event. Will be fun but exhausting!

Now I am going to contact the lady at Kitty Korner to see if we can get a spot for thw abandoned kitty...


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