Tuesday, March 5, 2013


It took almost a week to get back on track after that last weekend's fiasco food-wise. Not worth it. On top of that, I have had very bad joint pain in my hand, so I missed an entire week at the gym. The bad weather with a low pressure would probably not have been as bad if I stayed the course on LCHF...

Now I can feel it is "there" again, and the scale has started to go down again, which feels good. Ultimately I would love to lose another 10 lbs, but I will be happy with 5 too.

Back to the gym today. I will start with some yoga, since my joints are still not with me 100%.

Next week it is Spring Break here, so I am hoping to get a lot of gym time, since I don't have to worry about school. Hopefully I will get a chance to try Spinning on Tuesday, it has been impossible for me to get into, since you have to be there at 8 AM. But with Sarah at home, I get a chance to try it out!

Other then that I have just plans to do some more laundry (did that all day yesterday), get groceries after the gym (it is empty in both the fridge and the freezer it seems).

After picking Sarah up we have to do some research into what games they should do at the Easter Party. Our committee meeting is tomorrow night, and we have to make all the decisions for the party then.

I have been in a slump this last week, lots due to the cold, the joint pain and the general depressing feeling right now. I need some fun! Some outdoors! Perhaps I can lure Sarah to a nice park this weekend, the weather is going to be really nice I heard, so that would be perfect. Spring, exercise, sun and fresh air! And not too hot for the dogs to join. Perfect! And then we have the entire Spring Break to get out and do stuff, hopefully it won't be too much work in the way, I think we both need to get out a bit.

(Due to the tax season it is just Sarah and I; Ken is stuck at the office this time of the year, 7 days a week usually.)

I reserved a table for the Annual Easter Buffet at the Polo Grill. So looking forward to that! They have great local food, and no problem eating LCHF there, YUM!

The weekend after Easter is our big camp out with the Girl Scouts. Two nights in the Myakka River State Park. The girls have planned all the food and activities themselves (though I will be bringing my own food, including my own camping stove to make eggs and bacon in the mornings!).

It will probably be a nice trip but very exhausting. They don't exactly sleep during these camps... ;-)

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Mrs Clapper said...

Låter som mitt liv som allergiker, att ta med sig en liten spis. Det är toppen med just ägg och bacon, bara att slänga i ägg, lite grädde och kryddori en ziploc och skaka runt och ner i pannan efter man gjort baconen så äggröran tar smak, supergott och lätt ordnat!