Saturday, July 28, 2007


Yesterday I spent all day cleaning, and except for vacuuming and mopping the house looks great! I have so much work to do today, but it feels great working in a nice, clean house! Thank goodness they gave me some pain killers, my ribs were killing me after all that cleaning, so I really needed it last night.

I might finish up here in a few hours. Ken will be home around 2-4 PM and we are planning on having an early dinner at Outback. There is an Outback restaurant just around the corner, so it would be a quick outing. He has a lot of work to do as well, but he can work remotely from home this afternoon.

If I finish up in time I will clean the floors and then maybe just do some more research about the upcoming surgery (it has kind of taken over my mind, hard not to think about it!) or maybe just read.

I have about 20 Swedish pocket books ready and waiting from my Swedish trip. I also got a bunch of magazines to read. I really love the Swedish Populär Historia (Popular History), Bonniers Världens Historia (Bonnier's World History) and Illustrerad Vetenskap (Illustrated Science). One of my aunts subscribe to all, so I was able to convince her to donate some to me. They weighed a ton, but I really love reading them! I also got the latest issue of Vecko Revyn, which is a magazine kind of for 20 somethings, but it has morphed into a tabloid in my opinion. But kind of cool to see what they gossip about in Sweden...

So either way I am looking forward to a lazy evening of just hanging around the house and relax.


Anne-Marie said...

Självklart att din operation upptar dina tankar. Det är ju en mycket stor och omvälvande händelse. Kul med svenska saker att läsa.

Desiree said...

Låter härligt med en avkopplande kväll med läsning. Jag har också städat idag, pust är precis färdig. Det känns alltid skönt när man är färdig och huset är rent och fint. Det är nog bra att ta reda på en hel del fakta och hur andra har upplevt en sådan operation så att du kan försöka förbereda dig mentalt på vad som komma skall och dessutom kan ställa viktiga frågor till dina läkare om operationen. Ha en trevlig lördag.