Sunday, July 29, 2007

***Sweden: July 8 ,2007***

OK, I am finally caught up with work, so I will start posting some pictures from our trip to Sweden. It will be chronologically, just a few pictures from a few of our outings.

Our first weekend on Gotland we stayed mostly around my aunt's house. They live in Ardre, close to Ljugarn on the east coast of the island. Her brother in law live at the family's farm, and they have all kinds of animals like horses, sheep, cows and rabbits. We enjoyed petting all of them!

Among the sheep (or lamb as they are called on Gotland). This was the day before they were being cut!

My aunt's brother in law's house, from the mid 18th century. Very well kept farm!

On the road leading into my aunt's house. We stayed in a guest cottage in the back. It was very relaxing, the horses were just outside our window!

A lamb carved with a motor saw by a friend of my aunt's family.

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