Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fruit Farm & Bees!

Today we headed out to a close by Fruit Farm called Mixon. They specialize in citrus, and usually offer tram rides around their groves during the winter time. Today they were having a little Harvest Fest of sorts, so we decided to stop by. After all, we have lived so close by all these years but actually never visited before.

We had a lovely morning with very welcome temperatures of just above 70. There was a huge gift shop that carried all kinds of fun stuff. We sampled freshly squeezed citrus juices; their grapefruit was awesome! We also stocked up on their yummy looking orange marmalade.

We also had some fun (or mostly Sarah) in a jump castle outside, and they also had a game set up that we tried out. Ken and Sarah made their way through a "magical garden maze" as well:

Jumping high!

Trying to score some points!

Sarah being a butterfly at the magical garden

After our visit at the fruit farm we had a quick lunch and then headed to the movie theater to see the new Bee Movie that came out yesterday. We can highly recommend it, it was pretty funny!

The movie is about to start...

Funny movie!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!


Desiree said...

Härlig dag ni verkar ha haft.

Saltistjejen said...

Håller med Desiree! i verkar haft en jättemysig dag! :-)