Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

It looks like the clog is mostly dissolved, and last night I celebrated by making grilled salmon with olive oil, garlic and lemon, with sauce made out of Greek yogurt with fresh tarragon and lemon, and tomatoes and red onions marinaded with olive oil and lemon. Yummy! For dessert we had lots of fresh cherries, they are just starting to come into season.

As many other bloggers have mentioned, berries overall are really coming into season now, and the fridge is full of huge, juicy blueberries, scrumptious strawberries and blackberries. Soon an abundance of other fruits will be following. It is not like we don't have these fruits and berries during the winter, but then the produce is to a large part flown in from far away.

Today I have a few projects to take care of for work before picking Sarah up from school at 11:30. Sarah has her annual check up at her pediatrician today at 2:30 PM, and since she will be starting Kindergarten this fall there will unfortunately for her be a LOT of shots required today. We talked about the shots, so she is prepared. She knows it will hurt and sting a bit, and that it is OK to cry. I promised to hold her hand during the shots, and then take her out for ice cream afterward. Then it is cleaning time! We are having another dinner party tomorrow night, so I would like to clean up today so I can have a somewhat relaxing day tomorrow.

On Monday it is Memorial Day, so this is a 3-day weekend. Unofficially this weekend signals the start of summer, and it is common to BBQ and hang out. The weather looks like it will stay intermittently rainy, so I am not sure if our Sunday beach plans will work out. But we were thinking about going to Venice Beach, which is way south of us. They are the shark tooth capital of the world, with the highest density of fossilized shark teeth on the beach. So even if it is rainy we can still go shark teeth hunting! We also wanted to fit in some mini golf for Sarah. Should be fun!

Fossilized shark teeth

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Desiree said...

Vad skönt att höra att du mår bättre och till och med kunde äta ordentlig mat. Den där laxen lät mums. Hoppas det går bra för Sarah idag hos läkaren och med sprutorna. Bra att ha glass att se fram emot. Ha en riktig skön Memorial Day weekend.