Friday, July 11, 2008

Fat and healthy...

I saw my rheumatologist the other day. He was all giddy over how good I am doing after the big surgery, but he was especially happy that I had plumped out so much and gotten juicy. Apparently that is the best sign that my body is doing great, that I am able to utilize the nutrients in the food that I eat.

Of course I am not very happy! I had gotten quite happy with feeling skinny. Well, most good things don't last for long. And since I was only 125 lbs after the surgery, I now feel like a stuffed sausage. I gained 20 lbs! I know, I know it is a sign I am doing great and bla blah.

But seriously. I need to start thinking more about what I eat. Not going on a diet, that is a big no no for me, just skipping all the sugary temptations I so crave. All. The. Time. I am a true sugar addict I might add.

So my plan was to stop buying crap and just eat my three regular meals a day. Not diet food, just regular food. No candy, no baked sweet goods. When my sister was here we all went overboard with the eating, really enjoying ourselves.

Now I would like to fit into my old pants again. But on the other hand, I don't think my body is really designed to be a size 6. But a size 8 would be nice. I am a large size 10 right now. But since I am 5 foot 8, (173 cm) I still don't look that fat, more like... little bloated.

I have actually been able to loose 4 lbs this week just by sticking to the good stuff and skipping the junk food. See! But I would like to weigh no more than 135 lbs. Oh well, good luck with that, since I have two more Swedish visits to look forward too, I just couldn't say NO to a great big bag of Swedish "smågodis" now could I? ;-) That would be downright RUDE of me.... ;-)

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Desiree said...

Det är ju först och främst toppen att din kropp mår bra och verkar frisk. Det är det viktigaste. Men jag vet också hur det känns att lägga på sig. Själv har jag lyckats gå ner del. Precis som du säger är det viktigt att äta bra och sund mat. Det finns massor som är både gott och nyttigt. Jag tycker inte att du ska förbjuda dig något men kanske inte äta snask och sött varje dag. Utan se det söta som lördagsgodis. Ät sött och gott under helgen men håll dig till sund mat resten av veckan. Ha en bra helg.