Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday dinner out/Sunday work

We had a really nice dinner out yesterday. We went to one of our old favorites, the Beach House on Anna Maria Island. You can always count on a nice view there, as the restaurant is directly on the beach facing the Gulf of Mexico. I had a very nice grilled swordfish, and we just enjoyed a little relaxation.

Me with the Gulf of Mexico in the background

Sarah had brought all the dinosaurs she got at the Dinosaur World, so she was having a good time playing with those.

Sarah playing with her dinos

I still felt a bit weird after the fainting incident earlier in the day, but after an afternoon of resting it wasn't too bad.

Today is all about work. I need to get as much done as I can, this upcoming week is going to be grueling, since my deadline is Friday. They will extend until next Monday if need be, but it would of course be better to finish by Friday. So the more I can do today, the less I haev to do this upcoming week.

And to work we go...


Anonymous said...

Kan man inte få se en närbild på Ken?!? Vet knappt hur han ser ut och ni har varit tillsammans så länge- nästan lika länge som vi varit kompisar :-) kram Anna

Larry Chatt said...

How was dinosaur world? I have a five year old son and every time we pass it to go to Orlando I wonder if its worth the stop. Looks like they give you lots of goodies?


S w e F l o said...

Hi Larry! I think it was worth a visit, it probably takes an hour to see all. They also have a special fossil dig just for the kids, where they get to unearth real fossils to keep (shark teeth and things like that). We had a 50 % off coupon valid for 4 people, from the Entertainment book in case you have that. Great place to bring a lunch, I would recommend it for the under 10 crowd for sure.