Friday, July 17, 2009

Busy days

Yesterday I was helping the neighbour, trying to upgrade her computer. She finally got a used computer from her son, had it hooked up to a super fast fiber optic cable, BUT it is slow as molasses... I took a quick look, and could quickly figure out she had an adequate hard drive, a great processor but only 128 MB RAM!!! The minimum recommended if you run Window's XP is 512 MB, so no wonder it was sloooow.

We looked at several stores, but older types of RAM is difficult to find. Her computer can only handle a pair of 512 MBs, and most people nowadays goes at least with 1 GB, so that was a bust.

I have now ordered some on the Internet, so we will just have to wait until it gets here, then I can plop it in there and she should be good to go.

Today I had to help Ken out, he was in St Petersburg, so I had to go by the new office and supervise the installation of the fiber optic cable, so it will be ready to hook up the server tomorrow. They had some problem with running the cable in the attic of the building, some problem with the electric. So I went home for a few hours while they sort that out, and I will have to go back later to lock up. The place is completely empty, so no worry about leaving it unlocked for a few hours.

So tomorrow will be a busy day. Ken will be there early for the server hookup, and Sarah and I will sleep in a bit and follow later. I could not find any movie or pictures from the old office, I must have deleted them, but you can take a look at the bare bones of the new office here below, I will show how it looks like after it is all ready and we have moved in everything. I will take some pictures from the outside too, it is a pretty nice, newly built building.


Marianne said...

Är du så duktig på datorer! Jag kan bara använda dem, inte fixa ett dugg!


Camilla said...

Skönt att hela flytten till nytt kontor snart är klart antar jag.
Det är alltid skönt när saker och ting går som på räls.

När det gäller det mer tekniska av datorer är jag helt lost.
Det andra brukar jag kunna klura ut, men ibland fattar jag bara inte.
Instruktionsböcker är inte alltid helt enkla att följa heller. Vissa är faktiskt nästan helt ologiska
Ha det gott.

S w e F l o said...

Har alltid tyckt det var kul med datorer och har snappat upp efter hand. Mycket hade att gör amed i början när jag hade mitt företag, Ken hade helt enkelt inte tid att hjälpa mig, så jag fick bla fixa en hemsida helt själv, mycket kod.