Friday, July 3, 2009

Independence Day Weekend

Last night I noticed my joints were not hurting anymore, and when I watched the news, sure enough, the weather that has been causing all this rain is letting up. Now we are back to normal, which in Florida means tropical in the summer with afternoon thunder showers. Great!

Sarah and Stan are both fine now, I think Sarah just really wanted to stay home yesterday, in fact, I think she just wanted to play with the kids next door...

So hopefully I can get some work done today, now when Sarah is at camp again...

Tomorrow it is Independence Day, aka Forth of July, aka the US National Day. This is usually celebrated all over with fun, food and fireworks.

Our plans is to go and see a movie tomorrow (the new Ice Age movie in 3D), then have a little BBQ. We do have some fireworks, but most kinds are illegal to use at home unless you have a permit, so we only got some pretty mild things. Enough to get Sarah excited!

Should hopefully just be a relaxing weekend with some pool/beach thrown in for good measure. Next weekend we have another 2-nighter in Orlando, this time we are staying at Calypso Cay, similar to the one we stayed at last time. We are going to SeaWorld next Sunday, should be fun, we haven't been to SeaWorld since December 2004!

Hope you all have a great Friday and weekend!


mammigranten said...

Ja de där tabletterna är ju kanon, jag brukar ju bara äta värktabletter vid stark migrän, så jag är ju rätt ovan.

Vad brukar man göra en dag som denna då?
Vi har ingen aning hur man ska fira...


(men solen skiner ju ivf)

Marianne said...

Skönt att höra att både du och Sarah är bättre! Och att det egentligen inte var något fel med S, det är så klart det allra bästa.

Hoppas ni fick en trevlig 4th of July!