Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another very early morning

We left at 7:10 AM this morning to pick up my car. It turned out to be a simple problem with the fuel pressure, like the gas cap was not tight enough or something...

So we loaded Ken's car with all of us, including the dogs (they love to come on any car rides they can!).

Then Ken took my car, left for a meeting in St Petersburg and Sarah, the dogs and I went to camp to drop Sarah off and then now we are home.

I got some more storage things for Sarah's room yesterday, and I am really feeling that the toys are under more control. I know we could get rid of a lot of stuff, but she really does play with all that crap, so I don't have the heart to take anything away unless it brakes...

I am so looking forward to ordering the loft bed, but I need to wait until I get paid for a big job here in August. But I am very impatient and the waiting is driving me nuts. I want it now!

It will be interesting to see if I can assemble it myself, it says it should take 1½ hours... And then I have to stain it and all that too.

I need to get a few things at IKEA later as well, so that is another thing to add to my list after I get paid. I am so in the mood for Swedish cider right now, so I will have to stock up when I go to IKEA.

The money is from the Italians, and it can be here as early as next week or as late as the first week of September, I am never really sure when their pay periods start and end... But as they say: "She who waits for something good can never wait too long"... Bet they never heard of me!

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Marianne said...

Jooo, man väntar alltid för länge när man väntar på något gott : D