Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MOSI, server and lazy naps

Ken had to get the server going at the new office yesterday, along with at least 3 computers so things could run smoothly. He has to be in Tampa all day today when the major move of all the furniture takes place, and he uses remote desktop to work, so no server, no work today. He got home at 2:30 AM last night (or should I say this morning...).

Sarah was very excited about going to camp today. It is field trip day, and the bus is taking them to Tampa and MOSI, the Museum of Science and Industry. This is a museum right up her alley. She changes what she wants to be when she grows up now and then, right now it is a mom and a scientist.

After I pick her up around 4:30 PM this afternoon we are heading over to the new office to see the final result. There will of course be a lot of work still, but everything will be there.

On another note, the dogs just went down for their usual morning nap, and this is how they like it:

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Marianne said...

Så gulligt! Ja de små djuren, de har sina personligheter!