Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day at Venice Beach

After a busy day at the new office yesterday, it was nice to have a relaxing day at the beach, especially when it was 98F/37C! We headed south down to Venice Beach, and claimed a spot close to the pier. I enjoyed floating on my mattress, just relaxing, while Ken looked for shark teeth with his special shark teeth scooper (he found 11!), and Sarah played and swam next to him.

When we started to get hungry we walked the short distance up to Sharky's on the Pier, showered off a bit and enjoyed a great lunch (Ken and I both had the grilled grouper sandwich). We now have a new favorite restaurant, the atmosphere right there on the beach was great!


Right next to the restaurant is a very tall giant pier, and while we were out there enjoying the view after lunch we got to see people catching barracudas and tarpons. The second tarpon was apparently a big one, so we couldn't stay to see it being reeled in, they said it could take hours (good to know they just take a picture with the fish and then release it back in...)

Venice Fishing Pier at Sunset

Oh, and this is from yesterday, the exterior of Ken's new office:


Saltistjejen said...

Wow! Piren var helt fantastisk!!!
Och vad fint kontoret är! my God!

Marianne said...

Vilken härlig arbetsmiljö!

Så ni har det lika varmt som vi, fast jag skulle tro att ni har lite högre luftfuktighet. I och för sig var det väldigt klibbigt här i går med 66% - mycket ovanligt.

Skulle också vilja ligga och guppa i vattnet just nu!


toddox said...

Very useful. I heard that the great time to visit Venice is during the month of February when the Venice Carnival is in full swing. At this time of year, hundreds of masked revellers take to the streets in period dress, and as a result can cause many hotels to be booked out months in advance. Therefore, if you wish to go then book early, and remember to bring a camera!

Charles said...

A really great blog. I live in Sarasota and visit Venice almost once a week. It is a beautiful place. All the best.