Thursday, July 30, 2009


I don't accept work from private individuals who do not give me their contact information up front - I have been burned too many times over the years. So as a standard I just say I am on vacation and that I am not accepting any new projects, plus send a link to a search service for translators, so they can find someone else. It is just not worth the risk working for these types of people.

If a private individual does seem serious about hiring me I always ask for payment upfront - if they can't agree on that they have no business ordering translation services in the first place... After all, the vast majority of my clients are translation agencies, which I can check up on regrading payment practices and such. I very rarely get contacted by private individuals, hence the cautionary steps...

Anyway, yesterday I got an e-mail with just a first name, apparently from the UK, asking for a quote for a document. The text seemed kind of odd, plus I just got a bad vibe, so I said I was on vacation, and very politely steer the person to a web site where he could find someone else.

I quickly got an e-mail back asking why I answer e-mails on my vacation, and I just answered nicely that I just can't stay away from computers... Not that it is his business.

Today I got THIS e-mail from the slimy little creep, along with a photoshoped photo of myself (stolen from my business web site):

As you're a lazy cow, i have decided that you are not so fine-looking anymore !
Regards, steve

What a freak show!


Lotte Jensen said...

*garv*... han hade verkligen missat "vett och etikett"-kursen i skolan... bra att du säger nej när du vet att du behöver ledighet och vila!... du måste sköta om dig!

Camilla said...

Vilket pucko, rent ut sagt.
Tur att du själv kan välj dina uppdrag :)
Ha det gott

Marianne said...

Men! Vilken idiot! Fy vad jobbigt att man ska behöva ha med såna idioter att göra bara för att man är schysst och erbjuder sina tjänster via nätet! SKÖNT att du kan välja dina uppdrag!


Anonymous said...

Haha. vilken typ.