Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Enjoying some time off

I only have smaller work projects so far this week, and I am kind of enjoying just doing nothing.

I spent most of the morning watching Swedish TV, Lyxfällan on TV3 is my latest addiction. I also managed to do a lot of laundry and clean up a bit.

After camp the house was full of kids, so hard to get much of anything done, but they were having a lot of fun, laughing and squealing with delight. I think they were playing Disney World, they had a map of Disney World and pretended they walked around and went on the different rides. So cute!

Sarah was not happy about going to camp this morning, even though she knows they are having a Hawaiian party today. She was just not in the mood. But she usually enjoys herself after she gets there, so I am not too worried. Tomorrow they are going on a field trip, bowling is the thing of the day, so I know she will love that.

Now I am going to watch some more Lyxfällan before getting some stuff done around here... Have a great day!


Lotte Jensen said...

jag har börjat se på TV via datorn ... speciellt om jag jobbar och missar något avsnitt... min favorit, förutom Time Team, just nu är Hedebyborna.. underbart manus och underbara skådeseplare

Saltistjejen said...

Skönt med lite avkoppling. Det behöver man verkligen ibland.

Marianne said...

Jag borde också städa lite, framför allt i tvättstugan efter att de borrade där ... Men här sitter jag i godan ro och läser bloggar ; )


Anonymous said...

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