Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Computer will not be done until earliest tomorrow afternoon...

As if that is not bad enough, I have been battling an intestinal blockage all day. I am pretty sure it is from eating two apples, too much fiber at once.

It is so incredible painful and I can't sit still.

My doctor is on call up in St pete (the intetsinal surgeon), so I know I will be in good hands if I need to go in.

I am trying to handl eit. Nothing is coming out the lower end, which is not a good sign. When you have a J-pouch things always comes out the lower end ;-)...

As long as I am not throwing up I know I can handle it at home, but I am starting to feel a little nasueated. Not good. Especially with Ken so wrapped up in work, last tax day tomorrow!

The doctor told me to take some pain medications, so I took a couple of Vicodine (thandk goodness I always have thos eon hand). It is so painfil I am moaning and screaming, and Sarah is not scared, but she is concerned over what she can do to help me, so nice!

Hopefully teh pills will kick in soon, or I am going to expload from all this pain!

So if you don't here from me tomorrow iI might be in teh hospital, but i will update.

This sucks so bad. I am NOT happy!


Victoria said...

Oj, oj, oj!! Hoppas verkligen att det går över så fort som möjligt!

nika said...

awww..yeez girl. I feel for you. make sure not to stay home to long if it gets worse go to the hospital.

Malin said...

Det låter ju inte alls bra. Hoppas du redan mår bättre när du läser det här!
Kram kram