Monday, April 26, 2010

Scary night

I am so tired, did not get much sleep at all last night.

The bad storm that devastated some parts of Mississippi and Alabama came in over the Tampa Bay area around 12:30 AM this morning. Severe lightning, strong, sustained winds.

It finally got so bad I actually went up and prepared an emergency bag in case we had to take shelter in the bath tub (you are suppose to hide out in something like a bath tub, preferably in an interior room with no windows in case of tornadoes).

I packed our passports and my alien registration card as well as a copy of the home insurance and my camera. I also had some clothes at the ready. It was that bad!

Not exactly easy to sleep when you think your roof might get ripped off at any minute! But, still, both Sarah and Ken slept like babies!!!

I watched the news this morning and saw that my worries had been well founded; there were a few wrecked buildings and roofs torn off in the area...

I am very glad nothing happened, but it was nerve wracking for sure!


Malin said...

Usch vad jobbigt! Skönt att erat tak sitter kvar som det ska :)

Desiree said...

Usch jobbigt som sagt när det stormar så att man inte får en blund. Det har hänt oss några gånger också. Skitjobbigt men jag är glad att ni är ok. Det verkar som denna stormen drabbade Mississippi värst denna gången.

Marianne said...

Jaså var det så illa hos er! Ja men då var det ju skönt att ni klarade er i alla fall! Jag förstår dig, jag hade också packat en väska i det läget.