Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not a very good week so far

Yesterday was awful to say the least. My doctor wanted me to come into teh hospital for a scan, but considering the stress and teh cost that would entail, I chose to wait it out at home. I promised to come in if I started vomiting.

So far so good on that front, but there is something still stuck, I can feel it. Not the same horrible pain, but something there. I will just stay away from food until I feel it is cleared.

Not fun at all, but at least I am still home!

Since I have no computer yet I have a dilemma, since there is one smaller project I promised I will have ready today. I think I can handle it on Sarah's computer, even if it will be a pain without my normal resources, we will see. I just want to get it done.

I sure hope the weekend will be better, and I have high hopes. We are suppose to have a BBQ at some friends' house on Saturday, and go to EPCOT at Disney on Sunday.

After this week, I sure could use some fun!


Saltistjejen said...

Å hoppas du kryar på dig snart!! Och att datorn gör detsamma. Jobbigt att vara dålig, men det låter bra att du åtminstone mår bättre idag än igår även om det fortfarande inte känns helt bra.

Desiree said...

Stackare.Usch vad jobbigt med allt just nu. Inte lättare av att din make har så fullt upp och din dator strular. Jag hoppas att du mår bättre idag och att det som fastnat lossnar och det ordnar till sig utan att du behöver åka in till sjukhuset.