Friday, November 26, 2010


We had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, not that Sarah ate much of anything, picky as she is. Ken, who ate the most, ended up in a turkey coma sleeping for a few hours. I managed to get most of the Christmas decorations up.

Sarah played with a couple of friends for a while, then we ended the day by watching a movie and eating veggies and dip plus cheese. Nice!

Not so nice is that both Sarah and I are sick. Fever and a sore throat. Since we just spend last weekend in a house where they had just had strep throat (halsfluss), I was a bit concerned that might be what it was. I called to see what time Sarah's doctor's office opens today, but to my surprise they were already open at 7.30 AM!

We stopped by there just to do a strep test, just to make sure we knew what we were dealing with, and sure enough, her test was positive for strep. The pediatrician was nice enough to look in my throat too, and he was pretty sure I have the same thing (I didn't do the test). So I called my doctor to get the test done so I could start the antibiotics and get rid of this ASAP (strep needs antibiotics since it is a bacterial infection).

Of course MY Doctor's office was CLOSED due to the holiday! So I will have to wait until Monday. No big deal, but I was hoping to start treatment NOW so I could be OK for next week. Now I risk potentially getting pretty sick before I can see my doctor, sigh...

Oh well.

When Ken gets home we are going to see "Tangled", the new Disney movie. Then I think we will have a relaxing evening dressing the Christmas tree...


Marianne said...

Nej vad trist! Tur att Sarah har fått sin antibiotika i alla fall. Nu hoppas vi att det sover hos dig tills på måndag, så att du hinner få ditt utan att bli riktigt sjuk.


Desiree said...

Aj då vilken otur att både du och Sarah är dåliga. Tur dock att Sarah iallafall kunde påbörja sin kur för att snart bli bättre och bli av med det hela. Synd att din mottagning och läkare inte hade öppet. HOppas att du kan komma dit på måndag och få behandling innan du hinner bli allt för dålig. Men annars verkar ni ha haft en lyckad och trevlig thanksgivning.
Krya på dig.