Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Wow, time flies!

Just before 4 AM this morning Ken and I was abruptly awaken. Normally Ken can sleep through pretty much anything, so for him to actually wake up tells you how bad it was!

Was what? Well, we were convinced we must have had a small tornado outside, it was really scary and super load. We both went from sleeping to just jumping out of bed, it scared the crap out of us!

They said on the news it was just a bad rain storm with 33 miles per hour winds, but it could of course have been a little funnel cloud. The noise was really scary!

In other news, it looks like we finally have a tenant for our rental. He has already gone through the credit and background check and passed with flying colored. He is a 59 year old single guy, no pets, no mess.

He is sending in the deposit and the contract today, so I think we have a done deal.

I am still sick. High fever, sore throat and a mother of a headache. On top of that I have had very bad inflammation in that darned nerve in my hip. It is just such a dumb place to have an inflamed nerve, it makes even walking painful. At least I think that part is better today, so now I just have to deal with the strep. Sarah is almost back to normal thanks to the antibiotics. I opted not to go to the doctor, hopefully I won't regret that in a few days... :-)

I have a feeling I won't be doing much of anything today, just not feeling up to it. I think taking a shower and making dinner will be my two things to do today, just not in great shape for anything else...

I hope you all have a great day!


Marianne said...

Om det är streptococcer SKA du ha antibiotika! Så jag hoppas att du går till doktorn, helst i dag.

Kramar och krya på dig!

S w e F l o said...

Ja öronen har börjat göra ont nu och det är rejäla vita ränder i halsen, så jag ska nog boka en tid imorgon. Den här bakterieinfektion verkar inte vilja ge med sig!