Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer is here!

Officially, today: SCHOOL's OUT!

And Sarah brought home such a wonderful report card, I am amazed!

When she ended 1st grade we were told she really needed to work on her penmanship. I have been following her progress with her planner, a type of calendar where they write down their homework assignments. You can really tell from month to month how much better her writing is. And today she got an award for the best writer in class! It was not just for penmanship, but for following rules like indenting paragraphs, using proper punctuation etc. PLUS writing very nice stories!

She also got above average scores in math, science, reading and then writing. In social studies and literature she got average scores. I am so proud of her for doing so good!

Next semester (3rd grade, oh my goodness time flies!) they will get regular grades (A, B, C etc.) for the first time.

But GO SARAH! She can definitely start off her summer feeling proud of her achievements!

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Desiree said...

Härligt med sommarlov för Sarah och grattis till henne. Så duktigt att jobba aktivt med skrivande och bli så bra att hon fick award till och med. Det kan ni båda vara mycket stolta över. Underbart avslut på skolåret och underbar start på sommarlovet.