Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coins and such

My sister's boyfriend is an antiques dealer in Sweden. He deals mostly in coins, but also jewelry and money.

My sister works with him and they go on buying trips together. They usually set up shop at a hotel and have an open house for a day or two when people can come by with their valuables to sell them. They have even been featured in the media!

They also sell a lot over Tradera, the Swedish version of eBay, and they have been thinking about expanding by maybe establishing some kind of contact in the US.

Well, I might have found them just that! Behind Ken's offices is a huge building with a lot of security. We have always wondered what goes on in there, and the other day Ken happened to talk to one of the guys that work there. Turns out they are antiques dealers too, mainly coins, just like my sister's boyfriend. They were very interested in meeting with him and show us around when he gets here, so we will see if this might lead to something good. Who knows?

I have been busy trying to upgrade a few things around the house. It might not seem like a big thing, but it really have a positive impact when you replace and improve small little things you use everyday. New bedside lamps, new clock radio (I had irritated myself for years on the old one, what a difference!), and I am waiting for delivery of my new phone system today, that will be nice! I am also on the hunt for one or two basic small arm chairs for the bedroom. And a pair of folding chairs for the kitchen table for when we have more guests than our current number of chairs, I am really tired of having to drag the big office chairs to the dining room all the time... SO we wills ee what I can find!


Saltistjejen said...

Kul att du kan hjälpa din bror med sitt företag! Hoppas det löser sig så han kan få sin kontakt här i USA!

Skoj också med lite nytt i hemmet. Det gör oftas mycket även med små förändringar tycker jag. :-)

Lullun said...

Vad kul om det blir till något med samarbetet. Och ja, visst är det bara underbart att piffa upp lite med nya "småsaker". Det gör ofta en sådan stor skillnad! :-)