Saturday, February 2, 2008

Glad I stuck with it!

Well, we have had some problems with our cable service, so BrightHouse came by and did a great job. They replaced all the inside and outside cables.

To my surprise I was still not getting access to more than half my speed when testing it!

So I figured it would have to be something in our set up. We have two computers hard wired to a wireless router, which the laptop connects to as well. The VoIP box is first, then the router. I know the router is brand new and very good, so the most likely culprit is the VoIP box. It is after all a few year sold...

I have now spent most of my morning on the phone with tech support in India. I know they are in India not just because of the accent they all have, but I asked and the guy said yes, I am in India. That was a first, usually they like to pretend they are actually in the US...

Anyway, the first guy said his system was down and he would call back asap. No call. The second guy was able to re-allocate the broadband usage of the VoIP, which I wasn't able to do by myself. The third guy is my hero! A simple thing as installing the router directly after the modem and then the VoIP box did the trick! Yes! Now everything is working as it should. Very happy in deed.

I am finishing up some laundry, then I will pack up the dogs and Sarah and head over to Ken's office. We are bringing some yummy take out and then we will all go for a nice, long walk. It will be in the high 70s today (up to 26 C), so it will be wonderful I am sure!

Tomorrow we are going to the beach for breakfast and then we are doing some fishing off of Anna Maria City Pier.

Hope you all are having a great weekend as well!

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