Friday, September 11, 2009

Blaaah 2

I just talked to my doctor, who wants me to go to the ER so I can get an IN with fluids. It is pretty bad, I am so dehydrated (thanks to no colon). My head is hurting, but I am just so weak, just like if I just had surgery.

I have been trying to drink lots of water, and I also got some Resorb, a re-hydration solution from Sweden that helps replenish the potassium and salts you have lost.

But as soon I have finished drinking, it comes right back up. Sarah is so fascinated by vomiting, she is really studying me and wants to see everything, and then she squeals and runs away, she is too funny! :-).

I got some anti vomiting medication, so I am hoping that will work so I can rehydrate on my own, otherwise it will be the ER tomorrow, my doctor will call and check up on me. I really have no energy for the ER, so I am hoping I can resolve this on my own. I know however, that it can be very difficult due to the J-pouch... Sigh...

Hopefully it will all be over tomorrow!

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Camilla said...

Men Gud vilken osis du har!
Hoppas att det ratar till sig med vatskan.